On 29th and 30th of May of 2009 all the board members of WISTA International were in Turkey in order to support the Turkish women from different areas of marine sector who have been working for a long time to establish a WISTA branch in Turkey. WISTA decided to hold this year’s annual board meeting in Turkey on 29th of May in order to support the newly founded WISTA TURKEY.

The main goal of the association is to allow women working in this industry to share their day-to-day problems, experiences and ideas by creating solidarity. Since the members of this organization come from diverse areas of the marine sector, the opportunity and freedom of seeing someone else’s point of view on various events is provided.

WISTA Turkey came also across sailing sport with five young handicappeds under Tall Ship Race project as a social responsibility organisation within the context of European Capital of Culture 2010. In this event where WISTA Turkey was sponsor young handicappeds sailed to the open sea first time in their lives with two special Tall Ships. Wista Greece welcomed their sailing boat in Lavrion port and showed them great hospitality.

WISTA Turkey,hosted 55 shipping women, coming from all around Europe and Mediterrenean countries for the 3rd WISTA-MED conference held in Istanbul.
Apart from the name of the conference, the participants of the WISTA-Med (Mediterrenean) Conference were not only coming from Greece, Spain, France, Italy and also UK, Holland, Norway, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. WISTA Turkey passed this very first examination with a great success that can be understood from the pleasent comments of the attendees in return. 

The WISTA Turkey Garage Sale was organised on 12th june 2011 in order to provide scholarship for young ladies in Dokuz Eylul University. This event is being held in every year same time and became a tradition thanks to precious asistance of Kalamis Marina Setur. Since the establishment of WISTA , we have been conducting free, open public seminars with the support of Turkish Chamber of Shipping as one of the considerably effective ways of social cooperation and sharing of knowledge. At these seminars which are organised by NSN Law office, eagerly - anticipated, up to date and sector related subjects are being discussed.

Apart from the students whom we support , there are also associations and institutes we work together. We ve been sponsor of Mermaid Assembly organised by Piri Reis University and Doder. 
As a country located in seismic belt, we naturally have the emphaty and our association did utmost to help healing the wounds of earthquake happened in 2011 at Haiti.When same disaster happened at Van in 2011, necessary contacts were arranged with relevant parties and depending to the requirements necesary provisions were supplied and reached to destination.