About us

Welcome to WISTA Sweden

Women's International Shipping & Trading Association, WISTA, is an international organization for women in management positions, involved in maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide. Operating in 40+ countries around the world, WISTA International is an organisation that connects shipping and trading professionals. With one of the broadest networks in the world, membership in WISTA covers nearly every occupation and sector within the industry.

WISTA aims to be a major player in attracting more women to the industry and forge women’s advancement into management positions. With networking, education and mentoring in focus we can enhance members' competence and empower career success.

The Swedish branch of the WISTA network, WISTA Sweden, will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in the autumn of 2017. The association continues ahead with the firm belief that good leadership is the key to success for the shipping industry.

Since the start in 1987, WISTA Sweden has worked to support its members in their careers. We have around 100 members, who come from most parts of the Swedish shipping community. The members’ three common denominators form the cement of the association’s activities: they work with shipping, they are decision-makers and they are women.

Good leadership is a core value of WISTA Sweden. All members in the association are therefore invited to nominate a “star quality leader” every year for the WISTA Sweden Compass Rose Award, which was founded at the 20-year’s anniversary 2007. 

Meetings and other activities in WISTA Sweden are focused on networking, enhancement of competence and personal development. A WISTA member gets access to places few others get the chance to see and they get a deeper knowledge about the shipping industry through seminars, workshops and educational visits.