• WISTA Ltd is a legal entity which complies with corporate governance
• WISTA is managed by a board of directors - Exco - who are elected and
   accountable the  membership
• Our brand and activities, such as our annual conference, set high
• Our members are well educated women at management level


• We bring WISTA forward by setting strategic objectives and working for
   common goals
• We aim for growth through individual and national memberships.
• We pursue and support the creation of both national and international
   business relationships among WISTA members


• We seek diversity and innovation for the industry
• We see changes as opportunities
• We support people who are interested in making shipping a career


• The WISTA-network has been around since 1975, and is constantly
• We work on a long term basis, always having WISTA's and its members'
   best interests in mind
• We continuously make contact with new countries trying to establish new
   National WISTA Associations
• We intend to be part of the development within the shipping industry