Mission & Vision


WISTA is a networking organization for women at management level in the maritime industry.

WISTA shall:

  • Facilitate the exchange of contacts, information and experiences among its members
  • Promote and facilitate the education of its members
  • Provide liaison with other related institutions and organizations worldwide


WISTA shall be acknowledged as a professional and highly reputable shipping organization with focus on improving levels of competency in the shipping industry and shall:

  • Attract highly qualified people to the industry
  • Attract highly qualified people to the organization
  • Improve level of competency through focus on education and knowledge







Objectives of WISTA India:

  • To be a non-profit organization for women involved in shipping and trading related businesses.
  • To give support to members as well as to enhance their knowledge in shipping and trading issues.
  • To increase awareness of employment opportunities in the maritime industry.
  • To facilitate education and mentoring activities to enhance the skills of women in the industry.