Welcome to WISTA Hellas

Having taken the wheel of WISTA Hellas from a particularly efficient and competent Board, the undersigned and the new Board are determined to make our best endeavors for a successful sail in the troubled and vigorous waters of the shipping industry for the next two years.

High targets of further expanding the WISTA activities to the fields of education, training and exchange of knowledge and information as well as to promoting the incorporation of the long-standing Greek shipping tradition into the new highly qualified and over regulated shipping industry, may only be achieved through team work and collective action. I would like to assure you that we will move forward on the basis of these principles.

We look forward to exchanging our fresh ideas and new comer’s inspiration with the established experience of the WISTA world as well as other related organizations and institutions and look forward to promoting liaisons and bonds accordingly. Through networking we give opportunities for the establishment of new professional co-operations and this is one of the major goals of WISTA.

Finally, I would personally like to thank the previous Board for its excellent work and particularly Ms. Anna-Maria Monogioudi, whom I succeeded in the presidency of WISTA Hellas, for her dedication to the objectives of WISTA, her achievements in further enforcing the name and status of WISTA Hellas as well as for her valuable and continuous assistance to familiarize the undersigned with the commitments and responsibilities of the office.

Warm regards,

on behalf of the BoD of WISTA Hellas,

Rea Metropoulou