Welcome to Wista Hellas,

It is a great honor for me to be elected for the third time as the President of WISTA Hellas. With the assistance, support and cooperation of a very dedicated board, our efforts are focused so as to promote the activities and goals of WISTA.  Our main target is to respectfully serve our members in their business field, whilst supporting the exchange of contact and experience in the shipping industry among our members.

Our aim was and continues to be the encouragement and implementation of new ideas, the organization of various workshops, forums and social events as well as the increase of WISTA Hellas membership.  We hope and believe that the presence of women in shipping is high-lightened through our activities.

As the shipping environment faces various challenges, we focus on team effort and networking so that our members can benefit from their interaction within WISTA Hellas.

Finally, I would personally like to thank the previous and present board members for their dedication and valuable support.

Kind Regards

On behalf of the BOD of WISTA Hellas

Angie Hartmann