WISTA Americas 2018

18.06.2018 - 20.06.2018

WISTA ARGENTINA is honored to invite you to attend WISTA AMERICAS 2018, which will take place at Centro Naval, Room Almirante Brown, in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 18-20 2018, and celebrate WISTA ARGENTINA 5th Anniversary


It will be the first time an activity of this kind is organized by businesswomen related to the shipping industry in the region, and it will be a unique opportunity to meet up for a few days of discussion, debate, and celebration. 

We want to learn from each other and create a meaningful frame for the assessment of the progress of the maritime industry, and mainly, promote the incorporation of more women, to the shipping industry and the Association, in the Region.  

The conference will also include social events, providing opportunities for networking, as we understand the importance of building up business relationships, sharing knowledge, experiences and mentoring.

Representatives of shipping industry at large will attend! Hence, don’t miss the chance to take part in WISTA AMERICAS 2018, celebrate WISTA ARGENTINA 5th anniversary, and meet other WISTA NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of the region, who will attend. More details & registration