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17 June 2018

WISTA continues to expand in South America, welcoming WISTA Peru as the latest National WISTA Association Read more

Argentinian members

Heather Parker Heather Parker Read more Melisa Esquivel Melisa Esquivel Read more Nadia Nedelchev Romaniz Nadia Nedelchev Romaniz In charge of general operations of the company. Read more MA. CRISTINA GARCIA MA. CRISTINA GARCIA Read more Verónica Iesu Verónica Iesu I am both Italian and Argentine citizen. I went... Read more Christina Colarusso Christina Colarusso Read more Muriel  Maurizzio Muriel Maurizzio Read more Dafne Anghelidis Dafne Anghelidis SHIPPING AGENCY. LOGISTICS, CARGO INSURANCE,... Read more Helen  Arnold Helen Arnold Read more Anna Griffiths Anna Griffiths Read more Zanetta Oborskaja Zanetta Oborskaja Demurrage claims calculation and... Read more Rocío Goncalves Rocío Goncalves I am a Profesional Salvage and Diver. Profesional... Read more Ileana  Cetra Ileana Cetra General Manager Read more Guadalupe Ojeda Guadalupe Ojeda Sales, marketing and customer services. Read more YoYo Chu YoYo Chu Read more Yamila Rivero Yamila Rivero In House Lawyer Read more Manal Guemmah Manal Guemmah Read more Stephanie Bishop Stephanie Bishop Read more María del Rocío Beccar Varela María del Rocío Beccar Varela Our Practice at Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal: We... Read more Lali Khvedelidze Lali Khvedelidze The Chancellor is the highest administrative... Read more Yuki Yu Yuki Yu Read more María Belén Espiñeira María Belén Espiñeira Senior Partner Lawyer Read more Jennifer Fraser Jennifer Fraser Commodity Risk Associates GmbH (CRA) is a... Read more Luciana Chitarroni Luciana Chitarroni In charge of writing and revising legal... Read more Leena Manna Leena Manna • Providing inputs for streamlining port... Read more Nicole Mylonas Nicole Mylonas Read more Marjolein Gennip, van Marjolein Gennip, van Operations Manager in charge of fleet of 23... Read more Marlon Lemmers Marlon Lemmers Read more Camilla Barr Camilla Barr Read more Graciela Yokana Graciela Yokana Risk Management Professional specializing in... Read more Rezzan Tarcin Rezzan Tarcin Read more Jane Melas Jane Melas Company Director Read more Tine Cross Tine Cross Day to day trading of LTTC tonnage (17-25dwt, IMO... Read more Maria Christopoulou Maria Christopoulou * Setup of the Greek Office referenced to GR, CY,... Read more Mariana Barrera Mariana Barrera RESUME I worked as Crew Purser at Royal Caribbean... Read more Fiona Olliver Fiona Olliver Tramp & Liner Operator Read more PATRICIA NUÑEZ PATRICIA NUÑEZ Read more FLAVIA MAZZI FLAVIA MAZZI Marine Surveyor. ISM/ISPS/MLC Internal Auditor.... Read more Vilma A. Carlini Vilma A. Carlini WE ARE IN CONDITION TO OFFER: I - GENERAL... Read more DHASHMA KARUNARATNE DHASHMA KARUNARATNE Executing Commercial Strategies for New Business... Read more Lucrecia De Boutaud Bernal Lucrecia De Boutaud Bernal Read more MARIA ALEJANDRA GOMEZ PAZ MARIA ALEJANDRA GOMEZ PAZ Consultant for international planning projects,... Read more