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30 September 2018
Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development”

Women Ocean Industry Leaders to meet at WOC SUSTAINABLE OCEAN SUMMIT (SOS) In Hongkong Read more

American members

Nancy Coryell Nancy Coryell Provide financial analysis, consulting and... Read more Jennifer Montgomery Jennifer Montgomery Read more Denise Krepp Denise Krepp Advising businesses and state and local... Read more Iliaura Hands Iliaura Hands I am engaged in general maritime trial and... Read more Kate Ballengee Kate Ballengee Read more Jeanne-Marie Van Hemmen Jeanne-Marie Van Hemmen Partner in maritime law boutique law practice... Read more Michael Bell Michael Bell Read more Wendy Urbisci Wendy Urbisci Read more Gloria E. Roque Gloria E. Roque Register vessels, yachts and record mortgages Read more Kristin Dridge Kristin Dridge Read more Robin Tesei Robin Tesei Marketing statistics; contract management; voyage... Read more Holly Beauchene Holly Beauchene Attorney specializing in maritime, employment and... Read more Lisa Swanson Lisa Swanson Read more Nelly Elder Nelly Elder Manage current accounts and develop new customers... Read more Lila Noda Lila Noda Broker marine transportation for all... Read more Christina DeSimone Christina DeSimone CEO of Future Care, Inc. Read more Stacy Moss Stacy Moss Manage Vessel Documentation, Flag State and... Read more Alison Yurovchak Alison Yurovchak Read more Dawn Trauthwein Dawn Trauthwein Media and advertising executive Read more Danelle Heathman Danelle Heathman Multi-Product Line Marine Insurance Broker Read more Dorothy Taylor Dorothy Taylor Read more Emma Jones Emma Jones Read more Lizabeth L. Burrell, Esq. Lizabeth L. Burrell, Esq. Over 30 years’ experience in domestic and... Read more Betsy Bundy Betsy Bundy In house counsel primarily handling US personal... Read more Shelley Miller Shelley Miller Read more Katharine Sweeney Katharine Sweeney Conducting primarily internal audits as required... Read more Jill Friedman Jill Friedman Master AGT/DPO Read more Karen Shipman Karen Shipman I am an experienced litigator with particular... Read more Alessandra Tebaldi Alessandra Tebaldi As the VP General Counsel and Director of Human... Read more Beth Bernstein Beth Bernstein Read more Melissa Lutgring Theriot, Esq. Melissa Lutgring Theriot, Esq. Partner/Attorney Read more Heather Hyde Heather Hyde Inspect and report on condition and value of... Read more Eileen Molles Eileen Molles Operations Read more Sarah Ferguson-Brown Sarah Ferguson-Brown Read more Eileen P. Brown, Esq. Eileen P. Brown, Esq. Read more Jennifer Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter Read more Celia Maduro Celia Maduro I am the Depot Manager of the Miami Branch of... Read more Dabney Pettus Dabney Pettus Admiralty & Maritime Partner Proctor - Maritime... Read more Lisa Burley Lisa Burley Read more Limor Ben-Maier Limor Ben-Maier I have my LLM in Admiralty from Tulane and then... Read more Susan Keller-Garcia Susan Keller-Garcia Read more Muge Anber-Kontakis Muge Anber-Kontakis Read more Jennifer Sheehy Jennifer Sheehy Marine Inspector in training Read more Deenie Robertson Deenie Robertson Manage supply and distribution for 9 bulk fuel... Read more Pamela Milgrim Pamela Milgrim Read more Alma Martin Alma Martin CLIENT LIAISON BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Read more Miki Rieth Miki Rieth Miki Gauthe Rieth has over thirteen years of... Read more Shannon Trivett Shannon Trivett Shannon is an attorney with Nicoll Black & Feig.... Read more Sheree Lynch Sheree Lynch As Director Operations, I report directly to the... Read more Krystyna Wojnarowicz Krystyna Wojnarowicz Co-Founder and Chair Read more Gaye Stewart-Loudis Gaye Stewart-Loudis Read more Kassandra Savicki Kassandra Savicki Read more Kirsten Martin Kirsten Martin Read more Eleanor Kirtley Eleanor Kirtley My primary role is to support Green Marine’s... Read more Erika Lindberg Erika Lindberg Read more Janine Mansour Janine Mansour Read more Kelly Clark Kelly Clark Kelly Clark is senior vice president, safety,... Read more Costanza Barducci Costanza Barducci Founder of Barducci Law Firm Pllc. Read more Anita McGillie Anita McGillie Read more Florence  Ioannou Florence Ioannou I am the Chief Financial officer of Diamond S. I... Read more Francesca Morris Francesca Morris I am a NY based partner in a US law firm. I do... Read more Heather Dean Heather Dean Read more Christine (Christie) Walker Christine (Christie) Walker Christine M. Walker is an attorney in Fowler... Read more Marie Larsen Marie Larsen Marie Larsen is an associate in Holland &... Read more Carol Piccaro Carol Piccaro U.S. Chemicals stands alone. We are the go to... Read more Pegeen Mulhern Pegeen Mulhern Business and transactional attorney representing... Read more Lynn Krieger Lynn Krieger Ms. Krieger’s practice focuses on cases and... Read more Lada Bukharina Lada Bukharina Read more Kasee Sparks Heisterhagen Kasee Sparks Heisterhagen Kasee is a versatile attorney with experience in... Read more Thomas Roberts Thomas Roberts Sale and Purchase of Ships and Offshore Vessels Read more Sandra Pirtle Sandra Pirtle Marine surveyor, specializing in Warrantee... Read more Melissa Patzelt-Russo Melissa Patzelt-Russo Read more Michael Alfultis Michael Alfultis Read more Katharine Braynard Katharine Braynard Currently serving as Coast Guard's chief of... Read more Rebecca Grimes Rebecca Grimes I operate and manage vessels in the Penfield... Read more Tshai Stephenson Tshai Stephenson Inspected waterfront facilities as per US safety... Read more Lena Piazza Lena Piazza Read more Rowen Fricker Rowen Fricker Admiralty and maritime litigation associate,... Read more Kelle Horn Kelle Horn Conduct chartering negotiations between Owners of... Read more Jennifer Koenig Breen Jennifer Koenig Breen Read more Bernadette Brennan Bernadette Brennan Read more Renee Hughes Renee Hughes Read more Ana M. Albert Ana M. Albert Read more Jane Freeberg Sarma Jane Freeberg Sarma Jane advises clients on ship finance, U.S.... Read more Sarah Gayer Sarah Gayer I practice admiralty and maritime law. I have... Read more Pamela Palmer Pamela Palmer I provide advice and representation to the... Read more Jennifer Kim Jennifer Kim Provide legal advice on maritime and commercial... Read more Sarah Beason Sarah Beason Ms. Beason is an associate for K&L Gates where... Read more Elida Calero Elida Calero Associate Director for the Americas - Maritime. Read more Amanda Brown Amanda Brown I am a ship finance attorney in the New York... Read more Lisa Ochsner Lisa Ochsner Direct and manage the development and... Read more Shelley Kerr Shelley Kerr Read more Sara Thompson Sara Thompson Read more Jody McCormack Jody McCormack Maritime Attorney Read more Victoria Stulgis Victoria Stulgis Victoria Stulgis is a Senior Associate at Carbon... Read more Kristin Jovel Kristin Jovel Business Operations Manager for Naval... Read more Elena Ozyman Elena Ozyman Read more Kelly Scalise Kelly Scalise Ms. Scalise practices in the areas of admiralty... Read more Becky Hodge Becky Hodge I manage the onboard technology for RCI including... Read more Kirby Aarsheim Kirby Aarsheim Read more Zeita Merchant Zeita Merchant Read more Melissa Bert Melissa Bert Read more Meridena Kauffman Meridena Kauffman Maritime Safety, Security, and Environmental... Read more Nicole  Rodriguez Nicole Rodriguez LCDR Nicole Rodriguez assumed command of Coast... Read more Nancy Alva Nancy Alva - Work with top executives to develop and... Read more Lindsay Sakal Lindsay Sakal Ms. Sakal joined the United States Coast Guard in... Read more Nora Zhou Nora Zhou I cover maritime news with a focus on Jones Act... Read more Carol  Reisman Carol Reisman Ms. Reisman is an Of Counsel attorney in New... Read more Rachel Kent Rachel Kent Supply and Training Officer for CGC EAGLE,... Read more Megan Hudson Megan Hudson Read more Tammi Ingannamorte Tammi Ingannamorte SaaS sales to buyers and sellers of marine fuel. Read more Tania Kat Tania Kat Handle crew claims in-house in an attempt to... Read more Marisa Femenia Marisa Femenia CEO of LQM Petroleum. Read more Katharine Essick Katharine Essick Maritime Law Attorney Read more Euna Rhodes Euna Rhodes Talent & Change Management Consultancy Global... Read more Amanda Fahrig Amanda Fahrig Facility Inspector, Vessel Inspector,... Read more Krysta Zangle Krysta Zangle Read more Julie Cosenza Julie Cosenza CAO (OFFICE MANAGER / IT DIRECTOR) Read more Suzanne Lemieux Suzanne Lemieux As a manager at API, I work with members to... Read more Rebecca Varnes Rebecca Varnes Read more Linsey Rajan Linsey Rajan Over 10 years of experience in business... Read more Katie Tulip Katie Tulip I manage a fleet of 60m+ vessels daily... Read more Laura Schneider Laura Schneider Business Development Management of new and... Read more Rosemary Mackay Rosemary Mackay Lead Engineering Instructor I am responsible for... Read more Charlotte Andresen Charlotte Andresen Read more Meredith Connell Meredith Connell Read more Jasmine Gonzalez Jasmine Gonzalez Read more Maura Kilcullen Maura Kilcullen Read more Andrea Sturm Andrea Sturm Read more Josephine (Jo) Kling Josephine (Jo) Kling Market corporate cruises/ship charters. Finance,... Read more Kierstan Carlson Kierstan Carlson Attorney Read more Lana Farrell Lana Farrell Read more Jim Elliott Jim Elliott Vice President of T&T Salvage, responsible for... Read more Ashley Bane Ashley Bane Admiralty and maritime law Read more Iveta Wentink Iveta Wentink Read more Catherine Cross Catherine Cross Regulatory Compliance Read more Jess Hurwitz Jess Hurwitz Read more Holly Cooper Holly Cooper Pilot Houston Ship Channel Read more Elizabeth (Lisa) Beazley Elizabeth (Lisa) Beazley Partner in commercial law firm Read more Adelaida Ferchmin Adelaida Ferchmin Read more Kathleen C. Haines Kathleen C. Haines Chief Financial Officer Read more Sharon Fitzgerald Sharon Fitzgerald Lead all aspects of IT for the TOTE Inc.... Read more Sarah Hattier Sarah Hattier Read more Colette O'Hanlon Colette O'Hanlon Read more Zoe Goss Zoe Goss Director, Marine Development, overseeing... Read more Linda Aasen-Frame Linda Aasen-Frame I manage environmental affairs, ISO 14001 and... Read more Barbara Holland Barbara Holland Experienced maritime lawyer Read more Christina Liviakis Gianopoulos Christina Liviakis Gianopoulos Read more Lauren DeNapoli Lauren DeNapoli Mate/DPO on OSVs and IMR vessels Read more Rasheedah Surakat Rasheedah Surakat Experienced in the project management field with... Read more BRENDA KEPNER BRENDA KEPNER Managing and implementing IT solutions for global... Read more Jennifer Stone Jennifer Stone Read more Ginger Garte Ginger Garte Ginger Garte, Americas Environmental Director –... Read more Rachel Smith Rachel Smith Managing Director Read more Pamela Tate Pamela Tate Read more Lauren Miller Lauren Miller Read more Hannah Chotin Macgowan Hannah Chotin Macgowan As a part of the Corporate Operations Department,... Read more Laura Knoll Laura Knoll Laura Beck Knoll is an associate in Chaffe... Read more Taylor Stulb Taylor Stulb Transportation Services Read more Christine Beady Christine Beady Read more Cynthia Hudson Cynthia Hudson CEO/Founder Read more Connie Athanasiou Connie Athanasiou Read more Sage Bronzino Sage Bronzino Responsible for business operations and customer... Read more Lisa Himber Lisa Himber Serves as chief administrative and operating... Read more Denise McCafferty Denise McCafferty Direct environmental operations for a fleet of 50... Read more Julie Ward Julie Ward Read more Sean Pribyl Sean Pribyl Practice concentration in maritime,... Read more Brooke Grant Brooke Grant Read more Sandra Mato Sandra Mato Read more Stephanie Wylie Stephanie Wylie My legal practice focuses on maritime litigation... Read more Malou Wagner Malou Wagner Sr Sales Manager for (Modulair) Transport with... Read more Cristie Pappas Cristie Pappas Read more Lisa Kaufmann Lisa Kaufmann Read more Renee La Grenade Renee La Grenade Read more Laurie Edwards Laurie Edwards Read more Carleen Lyden-Kluss Carleen Lyden-Kluss CEO Read more Michelle O'Daniels Michelle O'Daniels I specialize in complex insurance coverage cases... Read more Kathleen S. Plemer, Esq. Kathleen S. Plemer, Esq. Read more Katherine (Kate) Shine Katherine (Kate) Shine Responsible for new business development,... Read more Courtney Crawford Courtney Crawford Read more Blythe Daly Blythe Daly Maritime litigator with more than six years of... Read more Barrett Rice Barrett Rice Ms. Rice represents clients primarily in the... Read more Lorraine Annucci Lorraine Annucci Read more Christina Villiott, CPSM Christina Villiott, CPSM Business developement and oversight of firm's... Read more Reyna McGrail Reyna McGrail I am currently serving as a congressional fellow... Read more Jeanne M. Grasso, Esq. Jeanne M. Grasso, Esq. Jeanne focuses her practice on maritime,... Read more Tiffany Torrey Tiffany Torrey Read more Heather Stratton Heather Stratton My current assignment is as Executive Officer of... Read more Geraldine Knatz Geraldine Knatz Read more Nicki M. Candies Nicki M. Candies As Director of Regulatory Affairs, I manage... Read more Christina Hoefsmit Christina Hoefsmit Read more Melita Aquino Melita Aquino Underwrite all lines of new and renewal marine... Read more Andrea Jansz Andrea Jansz Read more Yanran Wang Yanran Wang I mainly work on engineer advisory services for... Read more Alisa Praskovich Alisa Praskovich Responsible for enforcement of quality processes,... Read more Christine Raborn Christine Raborn Read more Susan Noe Wilson Susan Noe Wilson Read more Cassie Preston Cassie Preston Read more Amy W. Larson Amy W. Larson Read more Xuefei Fan Xuefei Fan HR Leadership routation program. Develop and... Read more Katharine Adams Katharine Adams Marine Investigator Read more Phil Smallcorn Phil Smallcorn Business development for commercial markets in... Read more Gizem Yavasbay Gizem Yavasbay Read more Ilene Doyle Ilene Doyle Marine Science Technician Read more Rebecca Redstone Rebecca Redstone Read more Amanda Dayton Amanda Dayton Senior Naval Architect responsible for providing... Read more Lois K. Zabrocky Lois K. Zabrocky Read more Julia Houser Julia Houser Read more Crystol Lasley Crystol Lasley Read more Oceane King Oceane King Providing consultancy services to the maritime... Read more Judy Collins Judy Collins Read more Ellen Cava Ellen Cava Read more Kirsten Ambors Kirsten Ambors Stationed at USCG Base New Orleans in C4IT... Read more Margaret Doyle Margaret Doyle Read more Christiana Vasilas Christiana Vasilas Read more Cherrie Felder Cherrie Felder Legislative and Governmental Affairs Read more Alex Aughtry Alex Aughtry Read more Erin Bertram Erin Bertram I am the Gulf Coast Vice President of officers in... Read more Laura Martin Laura Martin Project management and customer relations to the... Read more Satu Taari Satu Taari • Responsible for annual environmental... Read more Liza Escapa Lima Liza Escapa Lima Read more Hartley Crunk Hartley Crunk Manage customers with $25MM or more in revenue in... Read more Nicole Popp Nicole Popp Lead cross-CCL strategic sourcing activities for... Read more Emily Canizaro Emily Canizaro Read more Lisa Reeves Lisa Reeves For the past 30 years, I have represented... Read more Madison Barao Madison Barao Manage accounts for fresh fruit within the US &... Read more Merritt Parsons Merritt Parsons Training Coordinater: Develop safety and... Read more Kristi Luttrell Kristi Luttrell Read more Annmarie Bhola Annmarie Bhola CEO Read more Katey Noonan Katey Noonan Broker of marine insurance- all types Read more Meaghan Gies Meaghan Gies Responsible for the implementation of emergency... Read more Jen Wilk Jen Wilk Build partnerships to advance strategic policy... Read more Dr. Robyn Kapperman Dr. Robyn Kapperman Work in critical infrastructure division ensuring... Read more Kathy Metcalf Kathy Metcalf Responsible for the overall operation of the... Read more Felisa Sanchez Felisa Sanchez Transactional lawyer involving a wide variety of... Read more Destinee Finnin Destinee Finnin Read more Samina Mahmood Samina Mahmood Read more Michelle Otero Valdes Michelle Otero Valdes I am the Managing Partner for the Miami office of... Read more Raquel Rosario Raquel Rosario Read more Chiara Giorgi Chiara Giorgi I am the Event Manager for Seatrade Cruise... Read more Robin Cassedy Robin Cassedy Attorney practicing in the areas of maritime law,... Read more Leigh Rinas Leigh Rinas Navigation and Cargo Mate for Crowley Tankers in... Read more Wendy Higgins Wendy Higgins Read more Yesenia Turner Yesenia Turner Container cargo, LNG vessels, RoRo... Read more Kenia Carmona Kenia Carmona South Florida Sales Manager Read more Nan Silverman-Wise Nan Silverman-Wise I manage teams supporting the US Coast Guard... Read more Heather Parker Heather Parker Manager of Navy's oil spill response,... Read more Rebecca Garcia-Malone Rebecca Garcia-Malone Responsible for identifying, researching,... Read more Linda Bonet Linda Bonet Marine Insurance Underwriting of Hull, P&I,... Read more Heather Newland Heather Newland Read more Boriana Farrar Boriana Farrar Boriana Farrar is a Vice President, Counsel and... Read more Agneta Dahl Agneta Dahl Retired from the U. S. Coast Guard in 2013 after... Read more Carole Rouffet Carole Rouffet I am an attorney admitted to practice in New York... Read more Andrea Flynn Andrea Flynn Read more Jennifer Senner Jennifer Senner Currently sailing as Chief Officer for Maersk... Read more Doreen Badeaux Doreen Badeaux As Secretary General of AOS-USA, I am... Read more Lesley Warrick Lesley Warrick Read more Lesley Karentz Lesley Karentz I am Registered Nurse and employed as the Manager... Read more Cheryl Morris Cheryl Morris Litigation Read more Jolene Rice Jolene Rice I specialize in maritime, transportation (marine,... Read more Barbara Dutton-Weingarten Barbara Dutton-Weingarten Read more Theresa Turnbach Theresa Turnbach Read more Kate Belmont Kate Belmont Read more Cairo Salmon Cairo Salmon Read more Elizabeth Christman Elizabeth Christman Pilot ships on the Chesapeake Bay Read more Bobbi Wolff Bobbi Wolff Read more Vicki Paradise Vicki Paradise Read more Erika Lawson Erika Lawson 2013 Alumni Merchant Marine Academy Major:... Read more Valerie  Holder Valerie Holder Read more Frances Keeler Frances Keeler Read more Sarah Washburn Sarah Washburn Insurance Risk Manager and Sales Agent. Read more Maryanne Mundy Maryanne Mundy Performs legal work in relation to enforcing the... Read more Michele Blazer Michele Blazer Read more Norma Ray Norma Ray Maritime law enforcement and intelligence. Read more Virginia Overall Virginia Overall Read more Eva Lund Eva Lund Responsible of implementing, maintaining and... Read more Maria del Mar Rodriguez Maria del Mar Rodriguez Responsible for Puerto Rico and Dominican... Read more Jessica Martyn Jessica Martyn Ms. Martyn has focused her practice on admiralty... Read more Sandi Ennor Sandi Ennor Read more Kelsie  Brien Kelsie Brien I manage 50+ barges in Houma, LA and the... Read more Hannah Van Hemmen Hannah Van Hemmen Read more Rebekah Martin Rebekah Martin Harbour pilot Read more Jocelyn Jezierny Jocelyn Jezierny As an attorney in the Office of the General... Read more Ann Feltch Ann Feltch Read more Patricia M. O'Neill Patricia M. O'Neill Read more Jill Bessetti Jill Bessetti I am responsible for coordinating all Towing... Read more Mary McCarthy Mary McCarthy Read more Jeanine Tede Jeanine Tede My practice involves litigation of maritime,... Read more Meredith Kirby Meredith Kirby Handles regulatory issues for the Republic of the... Read more LISA STAPLEFORD LISA STAPLEFORD Sales, Terminal Management, Homeland Security,... Read more Jodie Yim Jodie Yim Read more Lindsay  Price Lindsay Price Operate and manage harbor tug within large, busy... Read more Marja van Pietersom Marja van Pietersom Management of our three campuses in Seattle,... Read more Sandra Knapp Sandra Knapp Law partner in charge of the firm's Business... Read more Anna Silva Anna Silva Read more Holly Geiger Holly Geiger Plans, coordinates and implements all ISO/ISM... Read more Rae Velez Rae Velez Read more Ilayda Rosier Ilayda Rosier Read more Laura Wilcox Laura Wilcox Engineering manager for Vitus Marine- a tug and... Read more Erin Diurba Erin Diurba Read more Enriqueta Tanaka Enriqueta Tanaka Read more Michelle Thorn Michelle Thorn The responsibilities as Controller include... Read more Laura Sherman Laura Sherman Read more Jillian Tobias Jillian Tobias Read more Kristin Robbins Kristin Robbins Read more Elizabeth Eubanks Elizabeth Eubanks Read more Angelica Sogor Angelica Sogor I manage the company Safety Management System... Read more Andrew  Tucci Andrew Tucci Captain of the Port Read more Eva Van Camp Eva Van Camp As the Chief of Response, I am responsible for... Read more Andrea LaVorgna Andrea LaVorgna Read more Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams Director of Inspections & Compliance, Coast Guard... Read more Kristen Lee Teatom Kristen Lee Teatom Kristen is responsible for overseeing the... Read more Jeanne Amy Jeanne Amy I work in Jones Walker's Admiralty & Maritime... Read more Kelly Denning Kelly Denning Oversees Search and Rescue, Small Boats, and... Read more Emily Miletello Emily Miletello Read more Rachel Weitzman Rachel Weitzman Read more Julie Zamarripa Julie Zamarripa Read more Melissa  Mavour Melissa Mavour Founder of transportation and logistics service... Read more Lindsay Malen -Habib Lindsay Malen -Habib Lindsay Malen - Habib acts as Manager Client... Read more Portia Ndlovu Portia Ndlovu Admiralty Lawyer & International Maritime... Read more Kierstin Del Valle Kierstin Del Valle In collaboration with other Technical &... Read more Evanthia Coffee, Esq. Evanthia Coffee, Esq. Claims Defence Read more Julia Paxton Julia Paxton Read more Euna Rhodes Euna Rhodes Sr. Consultant - Shipping, Commercial & Technical Read more Carra Smith Miller Carra Smith Miller Read more Alexandra Clark Alexandra Clark Read more Marne  Jones Marne Jones I am an experienced attorney practicing in New... Read more Diane Rebollo Diane Rebollo Read more Amanda Costaregni Amanda Costaregni Enroll and assist ship owners/managers who... Read more Danielle T. Gauer Danielle T. Gauer I Read more Leslie Clements Leslie Clements Read more Maggie Williams Maggie Williams Commercial marine insurance underwriter focused... Read more Abigail Addington May Abigail Addington May Read more Kelly Marie Wolz Kelly Marie Wolz Claims Manager Read more Parker Harrison Parker Harrison Crowley Procurement is responsible for purchasing... Read more Brooke Shapiro Brooke Shapiro Read more Amy Love Amy Love Read more Tiffany Norte Tiffany Norte Professional seafarer, currently working on... Read more Caitlin Hardy Caitlin Hardy Deputy Director, Fleet FOCUS, Fleet Operations... Read more Colette Brown Colette Brown Accomplished Marine Insurance Specialist with... Read more Galia Kaplan Galia Kaplan Read more Vanessa Breslin Vanessa Breslin Read more Christine Reidy Christine Reidy Corporate attorney with substantial cross-border... Read more Vineeta Dhillon Vineeta Dhillon Read more Karely Martinez Karely Martinez Read more Nina Mitchell Nina Mitchell Nina represents stevedore companies, marine... Read more Derya Yenice Oflu Derya Yenice Oflu Read more Rebecca Semsel Rebecca Semsel Read more Anna  Thorén Anna Thorén Read more Kathryn  McKenna Kathryn McKenna Read more Bruce Rosenblatt Bruce Rosenblatt President of Ship Design firm Read more Elizabeth McCarthy Elizabeth McCarthy Read more ALLYSON CARRY ALLYSON CARRY Read more Janet Granger Janet Granger I help organizations maximize their marketing. Read more Nancy Harriss Nancy Harriss Responsible for overall claim management for... Read more Claudia Martin Claudia Martin Read more Colette Gardner Colette Gardner Read more Jennifer Stewart Jennifer Stewart Raise funds and resources to support a maritime... Read more Courtney Vaughan Courtney Vaughan Read more Lise Billing Lise Billing At Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) I Work in the... Read more Caroline Medich Caroline Medich Read more Valerie Cannon Valerie Cannon Read more Jane McNulty Cook Jane McNulty Cook Read more Lauren Bridges Lauren Bridges Lauren Bridges is a maritime and environmental... Read more Rebecca Hamra Rebecca Hamra P&I claims management in an IG club; service the... Read more Casey O'Brien Casey O'Brien Read more Kristin Mangold Kristin Mangold Captain of DP1 Oceanographic Survey Vessel... Read more Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons I have the honor of leading a company which... Read more Peggy Grays Peggy Grays I specialize in training for entry level people... Read more Samantha Cibelli Samantha Cibelli Read more Jennifer Ketchum Jennifer Ketchum Read more Youngmee Moon Youngmee Moon Read more Susan Coskey Susan Coskey Read more Tarryn Walsh Tarryn Walsh As an associate attorney, I assist with a variety... Read more Rachel Bland Rachel Bland Read more Katharine Bonner Katharine Bonner Katharine Bonner is responsible for the strategic... Read more Daisy Huffman Daisy Huffman Manages and handles marine and non-marine claim. Read more Pamela McCracken Pamela McCracken Corporate Administrator, Contracts Manager,... Read more Rebecca Sellet Rebecca Sellet Rebecca manages a team that oversees Purchasing... Read more Heather Rogers Heather Rogers Heather Rogers' work focuses on maritime and... Read more Stefanie Olbrich Stefanie Olbrich Nineteen years progressive experience directing... Read more Lisa McQueen Lisa McQueen As Senior Director of Risk Management, my key... Read more Sarah Brennan Sarah Brennan Currently serving as a Marine Inspector at USCG... Read more Christine Schwarz Christine Schwarz Responsible for customer acquisition strategies,... Read more Cady Moris Cady Moris As an Environmental Compliance Program... Read more Christina Chen Christina Chen Read more Jana Byron Jana Byron Claims Manager of the Club's Houston office and... Read more Danielle Centeno Danielle Centeno 1. Overall management and responsibility for the... Read more Kelly Haas Kelly Haas Manage admiralty and maritime practice group. ... Read more Sarah Burroughs Sarah Burroughs Client & 3rd party compliance, Claims & Incident... Read more Lina Fennig Lina Fennig Deal with all aspects of marine claims/insurance... Read more Ann-Marie Roach Ann-Marie Roach Read more Mary   Reilly, Esq. Mary Reilly, Esq. AV rated attorney, specializing in commercial... Read more Michelle Sheahen Michelle Sheahen I make sure we follow the standards and... Read more Jo'Anne Lewis Jo'Anne Lewis U.S. Coast Guard Deck & Engine Unlimited License,... Read more Sarah Rousseau Sarah Rousseau Currently detailed to the US Army Corps of... Read more Seda Turhan Seda Turhan Co-Founder Read more Alexandra Sible Alexandra Sible Project Manager for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems:... Read more Sherry Xu Sherry Xu The Client Services Coordinator serves as a... Read more Beth Kirkpatrick Beth Kirkpatrick Read more Elizabeth Simenstad Elizabeth Simenstad Read more Ashley Zarella Ashley Zarella I work as part of Chevron Shipping Company's... Read more Christina George Christina George Captain on a tug that operates Inland on the... Read more Nikki Howes Nikki Howes I am responsible for all aspects of insurance... Read more Kim  Kawada Kim Kawada I work directly with existing and potential... Read more Erin Moore Erin Moore Read more Marlene Boyer Marlene Boyer Read more Olivia Humphrey Olivia Humphrey Education Read more Claire Garza Claire Garza Read more Mira Saarikko Mira Saarikko Vessel Operations Read more Vanessa DiDomenico Vanessa DiDomenico Read more Marguerite Meditz Marguerite Meditz Oversee all aspects of Marketing, Underwriting,... Read more Katherine Sultani-Wright Katherine Sultani-Wright Read more Yiannik Bennett Yiannik Bennett My role with GCS is to develop new business and... Read more Deb Cobb Deb Cobb Manage the marine risk for the company including... Read more Sonia Sanfacon Sonia Sanfacon Field service planner/coordinator Project... Read more Regina Regina "Kelli" Sisco Boarding / Husbandry Agent in the Port of Long... Read more Jeannine Verweij Jeannine Verweij Manage operations of the Houston Branch. Read more Miranda Strawbridge Miranda Strawbridge Read more Morgan Schultz Morgan Schultz Read more Julia Russell Julia Russell Manages all marketing strategies for the company. Read more Maria Campbell Maria Campbell I primarily work in a project management... Read more Laura McCormack Laura McCormack Read more Carrol Hand Carrol Hand Read more Kim Hall Kim Hall Read more Judy Druskovich Judy Druskovich Enrollment operations at Great Lakes Maritime... Read more Sarah Gillaspie Sarah Gillaspie Associate Attorney Read more Joy Hall Joy Hall I've attained success within the energy and... Read more Allison Hatfield Allison Hatfield Read more Renee Klimczak Renee Klimczak Renee Klimczak, a Managing Director at Alvarez &... Read more Melissa Anderson Melissa Anderson Read more Elizabeth Stevenson Elizabeth Stevenson Mentoring young women coming into and graduating... Read more Jackie Ellis Minnich Jackie Ellis Minnich Serving ship owners, ship managers and their... Read more Jurate Holm Jurate Holm Schaller Automation has 5 main centers around the... Read more Susan Winfree Susan Winfree I am instrumental in refining and implementing... Read more Catherine Darden Catherine Darden Katie is an attorney .She is involved with the... Read more Ashley Michalski Ashley Michalski Read more Ericka Hubbard Ericka Hubbard Read more Cassia Galvao Cassia Galvao Faculty member at Maritime Administration... Read more Mikayla Correia Mikayla Correia Read more Kathryn Miller Kathryn Miller Currently sailing as 3rd/2nd mate onboard vehicle... Read more Kendra Holmes Kendra Holmes Management of vendor selection and contracts for... Read more Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe Liz is a member of Venable's Regulatory Practice... Read more Mary Kucera Mary Kucera Responsible for air services for guests, crew and... Read more Carey Gephart Carey Gephart I have a varied maritime practice that includes... Read more Amanda Styles Amanda Styles Investigations staff; leads marine casualty... Read more Ute Bender Ute Bender Read more Alexandra Hagerty Alexandra Hagerty Working as Second Mate / Chief Mate in American... Read more Diane Dragonetti Diane Dragonetti Procurement for Marine & Technical Newbuilding &... Read more Megen Gold Megen Gold Read more Jennifer Nugent-Hill Jennifer Nugent-Hill Corporate public and community relationship. Read more Vera  Lannek Vera Lannek Read more Tiina Ruhlandt Tiina Ruhlandt Read more Asia Wright Asia Wright As outside counsel, I defend three cruise lines,... Read more Emily Motyka Emily Motyka Read more Lynn  Sutter Lynn Sutter Director of Sales for Shipserv's USA and... Read more Jamie Madriaga Jamie Madriaga Read more Molly Henry Molly Henry Read more Tina Cardone Tina Cardone Read more Stephanie Cavaliere Stephanie Cavaliere Read more Allison Tunick Allison Tunick Read more Christy Johnson Christy Johnson Maritime Personal Injury Defense Attorney, vessel... Read more Bree  Bennett Bree Bennett I am currently working as a Maritime Instructor... Read more Wendy Jaramillo Wendy Jaramillo As a Principal Consultant, I work with the... Read more Tosca Pinder Tosca Pinder Read more Amy Paden Amy Paden Read more Adrienne Newbold Adrienne Newbold Read more Maija Marzougui Maija Marzougui I'm in charge of developing the spare parts and... Read more Elizabeth Hackley Elizabeth Hackley Read more Brigett Potts Brigett Potts Read more Tara DeMakes Tara DeMakes MBA handling corporate transactions, compliance,... Read more Bettina Nowak Bettina Nowak Managing Director Read more Friederike Hertwig Friederike Hertwig Maintain and build client relations, office... Read more Allison Skopec Allison Skopec Read more Jody Schisel-Meslin Jody Schisel-Meslin Associate Attorney Read more Jennifer  David Jennifer David I am an associate attorney in Jones Walker LLP's... Read more Melissa Serridge Melissa Serridge Read more Jordan Garceau Jordan Garceau Read more Sara Kuebel Sara Kuebel Read more