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30 October 2018
WISTA International Elects New Board Members and Honors 2018 Personality of the Year

The 38th WISTA International AGM was held in Tromso, Norway last week. Read more

Norwegian members

Karoline Bøhler Karoline Bøhler Legal Counsel Corporate Responsibility... Read more Liv Hege Dyrnes Liv Hege Dyrnes Read more Paige Young Paige Young Read more Ursula Mack Ursula Mack Read more Ingrid Marie Due-Gundersen Ingrid Marie Due-Gundersen Read more Karen O. Jenssen Karen O. Jenssen Read more Anna Erlandsen Anna Erlandsen Read more Sissel K. Jakobsen Sissel K. Jakobsen Read more Benedicte Gude Benedicte Gude Responsible for internal and external... Read more Ingelin Jacobsen Ingelin Jacobsen Read more Christel Sande Christel Sande Read more Kine Sofie Espedal Knudsen Kine Sofie Espedal Knudsen Read more Judit Østrem Judit Østrem Read more Anette  Brække Anette Brække Read more Marianne Myklebust Marianne Myklebust Read more Borgny Eidesvik Borgny Eidesvik Read more Susan Clark Susan Clark Read more Anna Frisk Anna Frisk Read more Merethe Sollie Merethe Sollie Read more Connie Husevik Connie Husevik Read more Camilla Flatum Camilla Flatum Read more Gunvor Ulstein Gunvor Ulstein Read more Stine Myhre Selås Stine Myhre Selås Read more Mette Ungersness Bakke Mette Ungersness Bakke CIO Read more Lilly M. Tønnevold Stakkeland Lilly M. Tønnevold Stakkeland Investor Read more Helen Tveitan de Jong Helen Tveitan de Jong Chairman of the Board of Directors Read more Anja Haugsdal Anja Haugsdal Assistant Broker - Marine Insurance Worked with... Read more Astrid Lillebo Astrid Lillebo Read more Siri Bjørn Siri Bjørn Lawyer specialising in banking & finance,... Read more Benedicte Bjorøy Benedicte Bjorøy Read more Leng Lundemo Leng Lundemo Read more Lise Grendar Lise Grendar Recruitment and consulting services. Has worked... Read more Elisabeth Alfheim Elisabeth Alfheim Read more Annette Thuen Hansen Annette Thuen Hansen Overall responsible for Grieg Sta Shipping's... Read more Christine Akerstrom Christine Akerstrom Auditor Read more Linda  Nygaard Linda Nygaard Read more Karoline  Aafos Karoline Aafos Read more Eli K. Vassenden Eli K. Vassenden In charge of ship management division including... Read more Annicken Kildahl Annicken Kildahl Overall responsible for Finance, Accounting, Tax... Read more Pia Meling Pia Meling Market strategy, competitor analysis and expert... Read more Camilla Furuholmen Camilla Furuholmen Read more Brita  Berntzen Brita Berntzen Read more Trine Elisabeth Moos Trine Elisabeth Moos Read more Siri-Anne Mjåtvedt Siri-Anne Mjåtvedt Trade Lane Manager Odfjell Chartering... Read more Monica Nymark Monica Nymark Read more Margrete A. Nordahl Margrete A. Nordahl Read more Christina Legarth Jacobsen Christina Legarth Jacobsen Read more Linn Victoria Nordbakke Linn Victoria Nordbakke Read more Julia Maly Julia Maly Senior Underwriter Read more Eva  Halvorsen Eva Halvorsen Read more Eli Gjesdal Eli Gjesdal Profession Lead Contracts and Talent Developer Read more Marit Rydland Marit Rydland Procurement for our fleet consisting of FLNGs,... Read more Ena Barder Ena Barder Read more Cecilie Koch Hatlebrekke Cecilie Koch Hatlebrekke Cecilie Koch Hatlebrekke is a Senior Lawyer at... Read more Bente Blichfeldt Lund-Larsen Bente Blichfeldt Lund-Larsen Read more Nina Hanevold-Sandvik Nina Hanevold-Sandvik Read more Karoline Bjone Skatvedt Karoline Bjone Skatvedt Read more Elin Jeanette Barstad Elin Jeanette Barstad Scandinavian sales manager for all AWT shipping... Read more Shinta Rotty Shinta Rotty Read more Helle Hammer Helle Hammer Read more Siri Shield Siri Shield Dry Cargo Period Broking Read more Benedikte Wentworth Benedikte Wentworth Read more Maria Karolina Olsson Maria Karolina Olsson Currently working with hull related technical... Read more Astrid Seltmann Astrid Seltmann Analyses related to the marine insurance market,... Read more Marit Eggen Marit Eggen Read more Anette Bjerke Anette Bjerke Project Manager Read more Birgit Marie Liodden Birgit Marie Liodden Overfall responsibility of strategic Development... Read more Tine Ugland Tine Ugland Read more Tone Kristiansen Tone Kristiansen Tugboat brokers for harbour towage world wide. Read more Anette Wik Silden Anette Wik Silden Odfjell Tankers Ship Operations is the commercial... Read more Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal Read more Natalja Sunevica Natalja Sunevica Read more Line Sverdrup Ulvesæter Line Sverdrup Ulvesæter Investments, Valuation, Financial forecasting,... Read more Hilde P. Aarseth Krøgenes Hilde P. Aarseth Krøgenes Read more Eli Davidsen Eli Davidsen Read more Candy  Tollefesen Candy Tollefesen Developing maritime capacity in Ethiopia and Cabo... Read more Maja Rankovic Maja Rankovic QHSE Read more Bjoerg Ekornrud Bjoerg Ekornrud Project management of corporate communications... Read more Nina Storm Glomstein Nina Storm Glomstein Read more Michelle Canales Sviggum Michelle Canales Sviggum Read more Laura Busa Laura Busa Read more Kristina Arutjunova Kristina Arutjunova Read more Karina Fossmark Karina Fossmark Read more Lene Røkaas Lene Røkaas Read more Anne Margrethe Vik Anne Margrethe Vik Read more Tine Viveka Westerberg Tine Viveka Westerberg Read more Tonje Froystad Garvik Tonje Froystad Garvik Read more Tove Souto Tove Souto I have the honour to work for a company with ... Read more Marthe Lamp Sandvik Marthe Lamp Sandvik Sales and Purchase broker focusing on dry bulk... Read more Louise Wallenborg Louise Wallenborg I currently work in DNV GL's governing unit for... Read more Anne Systad Anne Systad Read more Liv Aune Hagen Liv Aune Hagen Consultant in Maritime Advisory with focus on a... Read more Eftychia Tsakou Eftychia Tsakou Responsible for the Insurance, Legal & Claims... Read more Agnes Mathiesen Agnes Mathiesen Leading the Cruise Initiativ in Oslo - Oslo... Read more Marie Tveit Marie Tveit Responsible for arranging and structuring medium... Read more Ina-Christine Naustvik Ina-Christine Naustvik Purchaser - Operations Read more Tatiana Tkachenko Tatiana Tkachenko Senior Manager in the PwC Oslo Assurance... Read more Belinda Dura Choy Belinda Dura Choy Naval Architect in the Conceptual Design... Read more Adenike Knudsen Adenike Knudsen Global responsibility for contract managment... Read more Trine Kjellsby Trine Kjellsby Read more Jeanine Cecilie Borg Jeanine Cecilie Borg Read more Else Beate Ingebrigtsen Else Beate Ingebrigtsen Senior Broker Marine Insurance Read more Adriana Avila-Zuniga Nordfjeld Adriana Avila-Zuniga Nordfjeld Researcher in maritime safety and security.... Read more Heidi Storsletten Østbye Heidi Storsletten Østbye Project Manager for various events during... Read more Guri-Anette Kjelgum Guri-Anette Kjelgum Read more Karoline Meidell Karoline Meidell Read more Kjersti Oiestad Kjersti Oiestad Read more Deanne Lill Fossedal Deanne Lill Fossedal *General Manager for offshore/O&G segment in... Read more Inger-Louise Molver Inger-Louise Molver Analyst/charterer Read more Jaquelyn Burton Jaquelyn Burton K-Chief One stakeholder of user needs, ensuring... Read more Katja Eriksen Katja Eriksen Responsible for all global marketing campaigns... Read more Stine Mundal Stine Mundal Read more Thea Thorstensen Thea Thorstensen Read more Emilie  Christiansen Emilie Christiansen Legal Counsel in DNV GL covering region Europe... Read more Agnete Nummedal Agnete Nummedal Read more Laila Hansen Laila Hansen Office manager in charge of accounting, invoicing... Read more Heidi Merethe Larssen Heidi Merethe Larssen Read more