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30 October 2018
WISTA International Elects New Board Members and Honors 2018 Personality of the Year

The 38th WISTA International AGM was held in Tromso, Norway last week. Read more

Dutch members

Bianca Hiati-Dubbelman Bianca Hiati-Dubbelman Account Manager for bow thrusters and rudder... Read more Madeleine Thorn Leeson Madeleine Thorn Leeson Sale and Purchase shipbroker Read more Ingrid Römers Ingrid Römers Working at the Port of Rotterdam as Senior... Read more Thecla Elizabeth Bodewes Thecla Elizabeth Bodewes Thecla is CEO of the Thecla Bodewes Group. Read more Erszi Rademakers Erszi Rademakers Read more Joan Nuijten-Muller Joan Nuijten-Muller Read more Lotte Schat Lotte Schat As a shipping lawyer at AKD, I deal with a... Read more Rose Govaart-van de Water Rose Govaart-van de Water Read more Hedi Visscher Hedi Visscher Since 2008 I work as an independent... Read more Florina van Ruiten-David Florina van Ruiten-David Marketing & PR Manager Read more Henriëtte Schreuders Henriëtte Schreuders Read more Philippine Beerman Philippine Beerman Lawyer with main focus on defending and advising... Read more Ineke Rook Ineke Rook I am responsible for production and logistics of... Read more Linda Veldhuis, te Linda Veldhuis, te Summary Since 2001 working in... Read more Manuela Verkeste- Müller Manuela Verkeste- Müller Senior advisor machine safety. Read more Sandra Schikker Sandra Schikker As Corporate HR manager I am responsible for... Read more Nynke Bruinsma Nynke Bruinsma Read more Ellen  van Loosbroek Ellen van Loosbroek (International) shipping- and transport law Read more Mieke Bakker-Mantjes Mieke Bakker-Mantjes Read more Marije Ruysch-Koster Marije Ruysch-Koster Read more Karin Struijk Karin Struijk Programme manager, representing Werkendam... Read more Tamara de Gruyter Tamara de Gruyter Responsible for Propulsion Services in the... Read more Maria Verbeek Maria Verbeek Responsible for the development of several... Read more Connie Roozen Connie Roozen Tax Advise specialist in shipping Read more Marjolein Boer Marjolein Boer In the role of Innovation Manager I am... Read more Angela Dunk Angela Dunk Read more Vivian Baetens Vivian Baetens I work as a senior VTS operator. I am responsible... Read more Naomi Blomsteel Naomi Blomsteel Read more Anna Grajek Anna Grajek Read more Maria-Nefeli Mintilogliti Maria-Nefeli Mintilogliti Read more Iris Tuinder Iris Tuinder As Manager Human Resources responsible for the... Read more Hester Duursema Hester Duursema Responsible for the trade association of inland... Read more AIDA Barnhoorn AIDA Barnhoorn AGENT OF EUROPEAN REPAIRYARDS Read more Wies Verstraaten Wies Verstraaten Employment tax adviser - Maritime taxation... Read more Barbara Holierhoek Barbara Holierhoek Director Read more Fatima Chajid Fatima Chajid Tendering and business development related... Read more Lonneke Holierhoek Lonneke Holierhoek Read more Marja Walraven-Behrend Marja Walraven-Behrend To monitor, advice and coordinate all marketing,... Read more Sacha Uittenbogaart Sacha Uittenbogaart Read more wanda cornelissen wanda cornelissen lobby and policy advice (national and... Read more Lydia Groot Lydia Groot As co-owner and management member responsible for... Read more Olympia  Papazoglou Olympia Papazoglou Project/Site Manager, Marine/Offshore Warranty... Read more Liesbeth Werkhoven, van Liesbeth Werkhoven, van Read more Mirjam Waalboer Mirjam Waalboer Read more Carla Hogeweg Carla Hogeweg General manager of 3 companies: True-Heading... Read more Suzan Groeneveld Suzan Groeneveld Online services, web content, seo advice, social... Read more Anita Gerritsen Anita Gerritsen As a Training coordinator i am carrying out the... Read more Els Roeterink Els Roeterink Responsible for Human Recources, Marketing &... Read more Simone Katan Simone Katan Read more Marieke Klip Marieke Klip In charge of the daily business of the bachelor... Read more Vivian van der Kuil Vivian van der Kuil As a lawyer I specialize in emergency response in... Read more Cynthia Everduin Cynthia Everduin SSHEQ manager for our own fleet and we offer... Read more Thea  Pelupessy - Lich Thea Pelupessy - Lich I’m in charge of the MF Shippping Group... Read more Danielle Cloots Danielle Cloots Read more Aukje Beuken, van den Aukje Beuken, van den Marketing & sales consultancy and training for... Read more Caroline Verhoeve Caroline Verhoeve The right contact for Marketing & Communication... Read more Natasja Wanders Natasja Wanders As Business Development Manager I am responsible... Read more Natascha  Washilkowski Natascha Washilkowski Responsible for the logistics of ship spares for... Read more Jorunn   Eldoy Jorunn Eldoy Helping our customers automate their... Read more Irina Birman Irina Birman Business Developing Manager with global... Read more Minka Zeilstra Minka Zeilstra PR and Marketing policy, advising board of... Read more Camilla Raposio Camilla Raposio Sale and Purchase brokerage in niche market. I am... Read more Cristina Fernandez- O'Toole Cristina Fernandez- O'Toole Read more KARIN SUZANNE HEKKERT KARIN SUZANNE HEKKERT Commercial management for Latin America,... Read more Swanhilde Henze-Bennink Swanhilde Henze-Bennink With great enthousiasm I serve maritime employers... Read more Kim Bronwasser Kim Bronwasser Read more Anuschka van der Tier Anuschka van der Tier Read more Mariana Mendive Mariana Mendive Legal Counsel for CU and Peterson, in charge of... Read more Iman Marzouk Iman Marzouk Read more Malika Rijnveld-Takibayeva Malika Rijnveld-Takibayeva Strategic development, account management,... Read more Sylvia Boer Sylvia Boer I am responsible for the development,... Read more Karin Orsel Karin Orsel As the CEO I am responsible for the general... Read more Anje Welleman Anje Welleman Read more Lamiaa Bennis Lamiaa Bennis My projects consist of working with public and... Read more Annick Sabel Annick Sabel As General Manager of ARC-SES, I’m responsible... Read more Christel Pullens Christel Pullens Sales Director Read more Marieke van den Dool Marieke van den Dool From 1998-2014, I have been active in the broad... Read more Hilka Willms Hilka Willms Representing Worldwide Shipyards and Shiprepair... Read more Maaike de Rover Maaike de Rover The team members represent the following areas of... Read more Yvonne Hoogerwerf Yvonne Hoogerwerf Taking care of all insurances of the whole Royal... Read more Veronica Breed Veronica Breed Director Read more Astrid Drent Astrid Drent Human Resourse Manager for shore... Read more