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30 September 2018
Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development”

Women Ocean Industry Leaders to meet at WOC SUSTAINABLE OCEAN SUMMIT (SOS) In Hongkong Read more

Italian members

DANIELA ARESU DANIELA ARESU Professional experience Professional areas of... Read more ANTONIA AUTUORI ANTONIA AUTUORI Read more Daniela Fara Daniela Fara Read more JENNY PICCIOTTO JENNY PICCIOTTO Shipping agent Read more CAROLINA VILLA CAROLINA VILLA Owner and Managing Director since 2003 is engaged... Read more Paola  Tongiani	Paola Tongiani Read more Alessandra  Petillo Alessandra Petillo Read more Alberta Frondoni Alberta Frondoni i.e. insurance of carried goods and carriage by... Read more Barbara Gallo Barbara Gallo My scope is to satisfy my clients’ needs... Read more PAOLA ANDREANI PAOLA ANDREANI Read more MANUELA INDACO MANUELA INDACO CUSTOMS BROKER FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS, MANUELA... Read more RITA ARIONI RITA ARIONI Read more ROSY BARRETTA ROSY BARRETTA Read more FIORELLA ADELE DI STEFANO FIORELLA ADELE DI STEFANO Read more Michela  Fucile Michela Fucile Megayachts Incoming & mooring Read more MONICA BERTACCA MONICA BERTACCA Graduated at the University of Pisa, with... Read more SARA CAPOTORTO SARA CAPOTORTO Read more ANTONELLA TURCI ANTONELLA TURCI Born on 22nd April 1966, she graduated in Genoa... Read more Francesca  D'Orsi Francesca D'Orsi Read more MARISA MARCIANI VIGNOLO MARISA MARCIANI VIGNOLO tanker and chemical tonnages Read more SIMONA CASSANELLO SIMONA CASSANELLO Manager for logistcs and operations Read more PAOLA SPELTA PAOLA SPELTA Read more Serena Scordamaglia Serena Scordamaglia Crew management consultant Read more Anna Izzo Anna Izzo Maritime Training Senior Consultant Read more Raffaella Del Prete Raffaella Del Prete As Terminal Manager I am responsible for the... Read more Anna Attina Anna Attina Manager shipping company Read more Sara Capotorto Sara Capotorto Read more Ana Karina Santini Ana Karina Santini Port and destination development including... Read more Manuela Bottiglieri Manuela Bottiglieri Managing Director and In charge of legal... Read more Anna  Del Sorbo Anna Del Sorbo Read more Angela Panfalone Angela Panfalone I work at the shipping agency, international... Read more