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30 October 2018
WISTA International Elects New Board Members and Honors 2018 Personality of the Year

The 38th WISTA International AGM was held in Tromso, Norway last week. Read more

Greek members

Psarros Marika Psarros Marika Read more Effie Koureta Effie Koureta Read more Kostoula Anna Kostoula Anna Read more Perifanou Kleanthi (Claire) Perifanou Kleanthi (Claire) SHIPPING INDUSTRY RAILWAY Read more Fildissi Elena Fildissi Elena Read more Isidora Theotoka Isidora Theotoka CHARTERING BROKER FOR BULK CARRIERS AND CONTAINER... Read more Economou Kalliope Economou Kalliope Sales Manager Mediterranean Area Read more Papadimitriou Mary Papadimitriou Mary Group Insurance & Claims Manager Read more Eugenia Saridou Eugenia Saridou Read more Stathaki Despina Stathaki Despina CREW MANAGER ASSISTANT AND ACS DEPT ASSISTANT Read more Sissi Ilia Sissi Ilia Read more Vassilaki Natassa Vassilaki Natassa Managing director Read more Vitta Ioanna Vitta Ioanna Litigation Read more Karagianni Olga-Konstantina Karagianni Olga-Konstantina Assurance Assistant Manager - Marine Sector Read more Diamantis Mary Diamantis Mary REVENUE CONTROLLER Read more Katia Tsinidou Katia Tsinidou Financial Reporting, Monthly results and Forecast... Read more Liora Magda Liora Magda Read more Nancy Drakou Nancy Drakou Read more Tiscenko Inara Tiscenko Inara Read more Maria Livanou Maria Livanou Sale & Purchase Broker Read more Tsaini Evgenia-Athina Tsaini Evgenia-Athina Tanker Chartering Broker Read more Theodora Mitropetrou Theodora Mitropetrou Read more Aurette Arkas Aurette Arkas Read more Wanda Costopoulos Wanda Costopoulos Read more Vassiliki Kalemi Vassiliki Kalemi -Hellenic Register of Shipping, department of ISO... Read more Avrilia Terzi Avrilia Terzi Read more Kounia Sofia Kounia Sofia Read more Despina Plomaritou Despina Plomaritou Read more Vassiliki Barlaoura Vassiliki Barlaoura Read more Maria Flevaraki Maria Flevaraki NEW BUILDING & SHIPYARD SERVICES / GLOBAL... Read more Polyzou Violet Polyzou Violet Read more Karalaki Christina Karalaki Christina commercial director acting on behalf of disponent... Read more Elizabeth Wood Elizabeth Wood Read more Kontogianni Katerina Kontogianni Katerina Read more Pertessi Sofia Pertessi Sofia crew matters Read more Lagoumtzi Kalliopi Lagoumtzi Kalliopi Identify Manning needs and plan the deployment of... Read more Voyatzi Angeliki Voyatzi Angeliki I actively support and advice underwriters and... Read more Anagnostara Christina Anagnostara Christina Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board... Read more Liouta Victoria Liouta Victoria Attorney-at-Law, CEDR Accredited Mediator,... Read more Sventzouri Anna Sventzouri Anna Read more Karatairi Flora Karatairi Flora Read more Veroni Irene Veroni Irene Read more Koutsogiannopoulou Maria Koutsogiannopoulou Maria Read more Gakis Nancy Gakis Nancy GENERAL MANAGER Read more Klisaris Chrisanthy Klisaris Chrisanthy Read more Electra Panayotopoulos Electra Panayotopoulos Read more Vassiliki Kaila Vassiliki Kaila S&Q Manager / DPA / CSO Read more Papatheodorou Artemis Papatheodorou Artemis Hon. Consul of Luxembourg in Athens,... Read more Bezantakou Danae Bezantakou Danae Managing Director Read more Ariana Psomas Ariana Psomas Read more Petraki Elpiniki Natali (Elpi) Petraki Elpiniki Natali (Elpi) Read more Milusheva Radka Milusheva Radka INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND SHIPPING Read more Lyrintzis Kalliope Lyrintzis Kalliope Read more Doukas Teresa Doukas Teresa CEO / OWNER Read more Eleni Polychronopoulou Eleni Polychronopoulou Business Development Read more Magiafi Eleftheria Magiafi Eleftheria Read more Ingledow Shelagh Ingledow Shelagh Assisting with conferences and events for the... Read more Ye Wenjun (Wendy) Ye Wenjun (Wendy) Read more Vivi Kolliopoulou Vivi Kolliopoulou Negotiating and placing fleet insurances.... Read more Liona Bachas Liona Bachas Read more Georgia Vilandou Georgia Vilandou Read more Natalia Athanasiou Natalia Athanasiou Read more Yuliya Hrynchuk Yuliya Hrynchuk Read more Alexandropoulou Vera Alexandropoulou Vera Attorney-at-law, solicitor, with experience in... Read more Svolaki Maria Svolaki Maria SENIOR ACCOUNTANT Read more Xylaki Angeliki Xylaki Angeliki Read more Boyes Marie-Clare Boyes Marie-Clare Client services & Account Management.... Read more Athanasia Mourkogianni Athanasia Mourkogianni Read more Giota Laskari Giota Laskari Shipbroker - Dry cargo chartering Read more Bornozi Olga Bornozi Olga Investor Relations for shipping companies... Read more Katerina Anagnostara Katerina Anagnostara Responsible for managing and executing Strategic... Read more Hartmann Angie (Angeliki) Hartmann Angie (Angeliki) Manages the crew functions (Crew Manager) of... Read more Elena Kashuba Elena Kashuba Crewing, Crew managment, crew for tankers, LNG,... Read more Anna-Maria Vournazou Anna-Maria Vournazou Read more Katerina Skourtanioti Katerina Skourtanioti Read more Theodora Marousopoulou Theodora Marousopoulou SINCE 2003, I AM WORKING FOR SPANOPOULOS GROUP... Read more Didic Alicia Didic Alicia Read more Iliana Koukoutsi Iliana Koukoutsi Read more Elena Chari-Prifti Elena Chari-Prifti CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Read more Georgia Longitsi-Karnessis Georgia Longitsi-Karnessis Attorney at Law-Doctor of Philosophy in Law (can) Read more Papaioannou Marina Papaioannou Marina I am responsible for all training activities in... Read more Ioannou Dorothea Ioannou Dorothea Dorothea took on the general management of the... Read more Gana Alexandra Gana Alexandra Read more Pavlopoulou Yanna Pavlopoulou Yanna Attorney-at law to the shipowner... Read more Katerina Vrettou Katerina Vrettou Create and lead the execution of multi-faceted... Read more Vassiliki Kaperoni Vassiliki Kaperoni Read more Agatianou Maria Agatianou Maria Senior Relationship Manager Read more Moysoglou Frantzeska Moysoglou Frantzeska Dealing with S&P transanctions, Legal, Accounting... Read more Katerina Xenou Katerina Xenou Read more Maria Bakola Maria Bakola Car/Pass Ferries - Ro/Ro & Cruise vessels dept. Read more Rea Metropoulou Rea Metropoulou Attorney at Law Read more Crystallia Markaki Crystallia Markaki Read more Christodoulaki Anastasia Christodoulaki Anastasia Read more Vasiliki Vlachantoni Vasiliki Vlachantoni Read more AKRIVI  BRIKOU AKRIVI BRIKOU Read more Mavroudi Maria Mavroudi Maria Marine Manager, Risk Advisor, Marine Insurance... Read more Inna Vladimirova Inna Vladimirova Ship's Spares supplier Read more Alexandrakis Maria Alexandrakis Maria Read more ANNAMARIA MONIOUDIS ANNAMARIA MONIOUDIS Deputy DPA / Deputy CSO HSSQE Dept. Read more Eleftheria Constadinidi Eleftheria Constadinidi Head of Safety Department, monitoring day to day... Read more Elvira Vranaki Elvira Vranaki Read more Georgia Chalari Georgia Chalari Technical, Newbuildings, Operations, HSQE,... Read more Leslie Mezzich Leslie Mezzich As a Maritime Registrar and Seafarer Director I... Read more Domna Voudouri Domna Voudouri Read more Kavouka Margarita Kavouka Margarita Read more Georgia Karydakis Georgia Karydakis Attorney at Law specilised in Corporate and... Read more Topaloglou Ioanna Topaloglou Ioanna Read more ELINA KASSOTAKI ELINA KASSOTAKI Read more Ioanna Basakou Ioanna Basakou Read more Angelina Kofopoulou Angelina Kofopoulou Read more Despina Kalfa Despina Kalfa I am a Marine Insurance executive specializing in... Read more Katerin Stathopoulou Katerin Stathopoulou Lead multiple consulting engagements to assist... Read more Papadopoulou Ellinda Papadopoulou Ellinda Read more Marina Tzoutzouraki Marina Tzoutzouraki Read more Kalliopi Efstathiou Kalliopi Efstathiou air tickets, hotel reservations, personalized... Read more Katerina Maroudi Katerina Maroudi Read more Rania Patsiopoulos Rania Patsiopoulos Responsible for the sales operations in Greece,... Read more Amalia Miliou-Theocharaki Amalia Miliou-Theocharaki Read more Alexandra Loule Alexandra Loule Maintaining Company Manning Policy and ensuring... Read more Daphne Grek-Yalipsos Daphne Grek-Yalipsos Read more Maria Christina Ktistakis Maria Christina Ktistakis Read more Evanthia Kopanou Evanthia Kopanou Read more Maria Progoulaki Maria Progoulaki Regional Representative of Green-Jakobsen A/S... Read more Angelidou Maria Angelidou Maria I represent GAC in Greece for the last 21 years. ... Read more Anna-Maria Monogioudi Anna-Maria Monogioudi Read more Konsta Katerina Konsta Katerina Dr Katerina Konsta... Read more Iris Liaskonis Iris Liaskonis Read more CHRISTIANA PREKEZES CHRISTIANA PREKEZES Executive Coordinator Read more Katerina Grigoriou Katerina Grigoriou I am in charge of the intermediary services for... Read more Kalapotharakou Theano Kalapotharakou Theano Journalist and editor of shipping magazine Read more Marsia Ioannidi Marsia Ioannidi Chief Compliance Officer/Insurance & Claims... Read more Maro Varvate Maro Varvate BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Read more WISTA Hellas WISTA Hellas Read more POTHITOS MARY POTHITOS MARY MARINE CLAIMS CONSULTANT DNV GL TRAINER: MARINE... Read more Katerina Gemidopoulou Katerina Gemidopoulou I have been working in the maritime sector since... Read more Theofano Somaripa Theofano Somaripa Read more Efi Tsolaki Efi Tsolaki Chief Scientific Officer Read more Psalti Metaxia Psalti Metaxia I have the overall responsibility and management... Read more Maria Papadoyanne Maria Papadoyanne Finance & Sales Manager Project Development Read more Savvaki Urania Savvaki Urania Read more Maria Archimandriti Maria Archimandriti Read more Filina Sarri Filina Sarri Read more Marsia  Ioannidi Marsia Ioannidi Read more Teresa Doukas Teresa Doukas Read more Leslie Mezzich Leslie Mezzich Manage all the operation of Palau International... Read more Apostolia Apostoloudi Apostolia Apostoloudi Assistant to the DPA Read more Marianna Angelopoulou Marianna Angelopoulou Read more Eleni Papakostas Eleni Papakostas I HANDLE SHIPPING (PURCHASE AND REGISTRATION) AND... Read more Mary Kresta Mary Kresta Communications providers, Marine & Deck... Read more Terri Varvaressou Terri Varvaressou DPA Read more Helena Athoussaki Helena Athoussaki Helena leads the Maritime Sustainability Centre... Read more Despina-Dionysia Fine Despina-Dionysia Fine CSO / Deputy HSQE Manager Read more Maria Theodoridou Maria Theodoridou Bunker Trader Read more