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30 September 2018
Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development”

Women Ocean Industry Leaders to meet at WOC SUSTAINABLE OCEAN SUMMIT (SOS) In Hongkong Read more

German members

Erika Grambow Erika Grambow Read more Alessandra Bertani Alessandra Bertani Read more Dorothee Schaar Dorothee Schaar Read more Tomke Schlömer Tomke Schlömer S&P Read more Anke Potthoff Anke Potthoff Read more Ulrike Zirwen Ulrike Zirwen Responsible for corporate communications Read more Jasmin Beganovic Jasmin Beganovic Chartering & Operation of gas tankers, Pool... Read more Simone Schepers Simone Schepers Read more Eike Wilde Eike Wilde Read more Anke Fransen Anke Fransen Read more Monique Giese Monique Giese Tax advisor for international and local shipping... Read more Dr. Nina Graefin von Borries Dr. Nina Graefin von Borries Maritime Lawyer Read more Simone Dr. Claußen Simone Dr. Claußen Maritime Lawyer Read more Ann-Kathrin Dr. Burchard Ann-Kathrin Dr. Burchard Ann-Kathrin Burchard studied law at Hamburg and... Read more Nicoletta Dr. Kröger Nicoletta Dr. Kröger Read more Britta Müller Britta Müller Read more Jessica Werner Jessica Werner Head of Office Hamburg Read more Ute Erbst Ute Erbst tax advisor Read more Dharshini Bandara Dharshini Bandara Lawyer / Barrister Read more Anna Bockareva Anna Bockareva Read more KERSTIN MAACK-PERSICKE KERSTIN MAACK-PERSICKE Read more Elaine Helal Elaine Helal Read more Petra Hortien Petra Hortien Fund manager (fund controlling; liquidity... Read more Sarah Ludwig Sarah Ludwig Read more Dr. Alexandra Frfr. von Kottwitz Dr. Alexandra Frfr. von Kottwitz Read more Nadine Bieschke Nadine Bieschke Read more Carla Martínez de la Guardia Carla Martínez de la Guardia Project developer - new business in... Read more Martina Heinsen Martina Heinsen Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor,... Read more Viola Holberg Viola Holberg Head of Finance Read more Natallia Dean Natallia Dean Director of the shipyard, responsible for 200... Read more Jette Gustafsson Jette Gustafsson Read more Stefanie Tietz Stefanie Tietz Underwriter Marine Read more Imke Rohmert Imke Rohmert Domestic and international tax with a focus on... Read more Merle Stilkenbaeumer Merle Stilkenbaeumer Read more Caroline de Roys Caroline de Roys sales agent Read more Susanne Schreeck Susanne Schreeck Read more Marina Röhl Marina Röhl Read more Sarah Wolf Sarah Wolf Read more Birgit Knapp Birgit Knapp Sales Manager & Business Development Read more Astrid Thomas-Niemann Astrid Thomas-Niemann currently PhD cand. with... Read more Eva Beykirch Eva Beykirch As Commercial Area Manager I am part of the... Read more Andrea Milbrodt Andrea Milbrodt I am the owner of "Gesundheitsmanagement Nord"... Read more Tina Treppke Tina Treppke Read more Anja Stoldt Anja Stoldt Read more Aleksandra Fernandes da Costa Aleksandra Fernandes da Costa Read more Anja Werner Anja Werner Sales and technical issues of hydraulic and... Read more Dagmar Klenk Dagmar Klenk Read more Lina Wiedenbach Lina Wiedenbach Maritime lawyer Read more Janine Heinicke Janine Heinicke Responsible for Division Ship Classification with... Read more Corinna Kuss Corinna Kuss Attorney-at-law, bar certified specialist in... Read more Claudia Ohlmeier Claudia Ohlmeier Port State Pontrol inspections / QHSE Management... Read more Astrid Nagel Astrid Nagel Head of Procurement Read more Amelie Oetker Amelie Oetker Read more Ute Eckardt Ute Eckardt - assistant lecturer, research assistant -... Read more Liliane Rossbach Liliane Rossbach Maritime Security Read more Anke Schlingmann Anke Schlingmann Staturory Reporting, German Tax, KG-Company... Read more Monika Jansen Monika Jansen Risk Advisor for intensive and problem loans in... Read more Hendrikje Herrmann Hendrikje Herrmann Read more Yvonne Gruenewald Yvonne Gruenewald Personal assistant to the management and... Read more Yvonne Ahlendorf Yvonne Ahlendorf Experienced Relationship Manager with a... Read more Alexandra Pohl Alexandra Pohl Nautical-Technical Superintendent: Preparing and... Read more Katrin Wegener-Rehder Katrin Wegener-Rehder collection of time charter hire for exclusive... Read more Frauke Wesche Frauke Wesche Read more Abigail Lewis Abigail Lewis Read more Nikoleta Grindaki Nikoleta Grindaki Overall responsible for the crewing process of... Read more Nadine Paschen Nadine Paschen Sales and Service International Read more Lisa Kohlsaat Lisa Kohlsaat Read more Marielle Gehlert Marielle Gehlert After finishing my studies in "Shipping and... Read more Cindy Paarmann Cindy Paarmann Read more Dr. Carolin Schilling-Schulz Dr. Carolin Schilling-Schulz Lawyer for (maritime) insurance law (including... Read more Kathrin Ehlert-Larsen Kathrin Ehlert-Larsen Read more Runa Jörgens Runa Jörgens Field of working: MLC, STCW, information of... Read more Britta Schulz Britta Schulz Read more Nicole Langosch Nicole Langosch Captain on board AIDAsol Ship's Senior Management Read more Marion Glück Marion Glück freelancer; planning of training concepts for... Read more Katharina Renken Katharina Renken Read more Pirjetta Stüven Pirjetta Stüven Business Development Marine Fire Safety and... Read more Dr. Christina Stahn Dr. Christina Stahn Maritime Consulting & Asset Management Read more Isabel Blumberg Isabel Blumberg Read more Isabel Grimpe Isabel Grimpe Read more Ulrike Aumüller Ulrike Aumüller Read more Eva-Maria Hippert Eva-Maria Hippert Quality Management Processoptimisation Data... Read more Susann Milord Susann Milord Read more