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30 September 2018
Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development”

Women Ocean Industry Leaders to meet at WOC SUSTAINABLE OCEAN SUMMIT (SOS) In Hongkong Read more

French members

Céline Dantzer Céline Dantzer Responsible for setting, driving, and nurturing... Read more Florence Lacroix Florence Lacroix Read more Pascale Mesnil Pascale Mesnil Maritime Arbitrator Judge Read more Sylvie Philippe Sylvie Philippe Read more Janine Brun Besnard Janine Brun Besnard P & I clubs correspondents, France , Africa, Asia. Read more Florence RAYMOND GOURLET Florence RAYMOND GOURLET As P and I correspondents, we carry out tally... Read more Frédéricque Le Berre Frédéricque Le Berre Read more Anne-Christine Le Saint Anne-Christine Le Saint Coordination and development of Afritramp network... Read more Laure Bougeard Laure Bougeard Read more Marie-Noëlle Raynaud Marie-Noëlle Raynaud Lawyer specilaised in shipping , trade and... Read more Nathalie Soisson Nathalie Soisson I am currently looking for a new job ideally... Read more Aline Pajolec (Corbin) Aline Pajolec (Corbin) advisor for investment funds in the green and... Read more Mona Dejean Mona Dejean Read more Isabelle Jacquet Isabelle Jacquet Looking for opportunities with experience in... Read more Martine Duclaux Martine Duclaux Read more Valérie Guilbaud Valérie Guilbaud CHARTERING AND LOGISTICS Read more Sabine Marie Provost Sabine Marie Provost Read more Marie-Noëlle Tine Marie-Noëlle Tine is in charge of promoting the French Maritime... Read more Béatrice Witvoet Béatrice Witvoet Partner of a Paris based human size Law Firm,... Read more Isabelle Istria Isabelle Istria Read more Elisabeth MINIK Elisabeth MINIK After several years of collaboration with the... Read more Sylvie Virasack Sylvie Virasack Communication : Press reports, editorial... Read more Leila Esnard Leila Esnard Qualified as an Avocat of the Paris bar in 1999,... Read more Aurélie Giordano Aurélie Giordano Read more Pauline Vroom Pauline Vroom Read more Ansam Alexandra El Okbani Ansam Alexandra El Okbani Providing a legal assistance (advising, drafting... Read more Christine Valentin Christine Valentin COO of the only international cross-sectoral... Read more Amanda Bouin Amanda Bouin INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS FREIGHT FORWARDER Read more