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30 September 2018
Women in Ocean Industries: Leadership and Sustainable Development”

Women Ocean Industry Leaders to meet at WOC SUSTAINABLE OCEAN SUMMIT (SOS) In Hongkong Read more

Finnish members

Mirja Hihnala Mirja Hihnala Shipping & Agency manager Read more Tarja Dyster Tarja Dyster Read more Ulrika Larpes Ulrika Larpes Attoney Read more Saila Hiirsalmi Saila Hiirsalmi Lawyer, consultancy, lecturing, P&I expert Read more Kaarina Vuorivirta Kaarina Vuorivirta Read more Beatrice Malmsten Beatrice Malmsten Accountant Read more Marika Nöjd Marika Nöjd Read more Ann-Christine Kivelä Ann-Christine Kivelä Dealing with ISPS for ships and maritime safety... Read more Venla Luomanen Venla Luomanen Neste Shipping Oy is 100%-owned by Neste Oil... Read more Pia Broumand Pia Broumand Safety Read more Johanna Särkijärvi Johanna Särkijärvi Read more Maija Mattila Maija Mattila Read more Elina Nupponen Elina Nupponen My work covers Ross & Cos's main practice areas... Read more Heli Lehtonen Heli Lehtonen Read more Katarina  Hildén Katarina Hildén Member of Bore Management Team Responsible for... Read more Elisa Mikkolainen Elisa Mikkolainen Read more Mari Ketola Mari Ketola Read more Mia Weckström Mia Weckström Read more Maria Raikamo Maria Raikamo Read more Riitta Pöntynen Riitta Pöntynen Senior Project Manager Read more Eija Kanto Eija Kanto Read more Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger Handling legal matters in relation to maritime... Read more Taru Härkönen Taru Härkönen Read more Mirva Hannukainen Mirva Hannukainen Read more Satu Aatra Satu Aatra Read more Kirsi Ketola Kirsi Ketola Chartering and operations Read more Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson Read more Eija Velin Eija Velin Read more Elena Ojala Elena Ojala Read more Outi Lind Outi Lind Operations manager Read more Riinu Walls Riinu Walls Read more Taru Natri Taru Natri Read more Marina  Sjölund Marina Sjölund Expert advice in all about ballast water... Read more Eeva Hietanen Eeva Hietanen Communications, Cruise development, event... Read more Josefin Ahlgren Josefin Ahlgren Project Freight Forwarding Read more Liisa Ropponen Liisa Ropponen Read more Riikka Saari-Kanninen Riikka Saari-Kanninen Read more Hannah-Maria Opperman-Mäkinen Hannah-Maria Opperman-Mäkinen Read more Riika Ahtiala Riika Ahtiala Handling P&I Claims Read more Reetta Lajunen Reetta Lajunen Working as cargo, marine and logistics risks... Read more Ringa Masalin Ringa Masalin Read more Anna Näsi Anna Näsi Read more Mikaela Piel Mikaela Piel Read more Hanna Suutarla Hanna Suutarla Read more Ulla Keino Ulla Keino Innovative initiator of business opportunities to... Read more Sanna Sonninen Sanna Sonninen Finnish pilotage services Read more Tuula Madekivi Tuula Madekivi - Shipping and shipbuilding market... Read more Heli Koukkula Heli Koukkula As an Executive Director I am responsible of all... Read more Mareena  Viljanen Mareena Viljanen Read more Anita Åkerlund Anita Åkerlund Area QHSSE Manager Northern Europe Read more Leena Vedenpää Leena Vedenpää Read more Maria Heikel Maria Heikel Read more Anu Keltaniemi Anu Keltaniemi Read more Ulla Von Weissenberg Ulla Von Weissenberg Lawyer specialized in all aspects of... Read more Erja Kuokkanen-Kraft Erja Kuokkanen-Kraft Read more Kristiina Vuori Kristiina Vuori Read more Sari Turkkila Sari Turkkila General Manager Shipbrokers Finland Association Read more Suvi Niemivuo Suvi Niemivuo Read more Sarianne Reinikkala Sarianne Reinikkala Entrepreneur, logistics services Read more Salla Rahnasto Salla Rahnasto Read more Heidi Kaijanen Heidi Kaijanen Read more Sirpa Kannos Sirpa Kannos Read more Tarja Bergvall Tarja Bergvall Read more Outi Jokinen Outi Jokinen Read more