Profile Lidwina Govaerts

Company Future Force
Title Managing Director
Address Duboisstraat 50 2060 Antwerp
Office phone +32 495 554 541
Functional categories Advisor / consultancy,
Human Resource
Shipping categories All
Job description Talent Advisory Consultant - HR Change Manager • responsible partnership and truthful ambassadorship for stakeholders: essence • advanced knowledge in A-Z assistance, event coordination, recruitment/ talent management and HR- work processing • integrity-focussed, entrepreneurial, assertive, responsible, dynamic, pro-active, direct • loyal, strong team player, aligned, multi-cultural awareness, innovative, creative, ability to invoke change • care for collaboration : pragmatic communication/
Description of company Future Force it's mission is to focus to align motivated and qualified personnel and executives within the areas of nautical expertise & aeronautics, transportation, energy & utilities, IT & technology, materials science, trade-craft and construction. Tailor made human relations management support in the actual societal, economic and ecological conjuncture is very desirable. The ever increasing growth in demand for specific skills, knowledge, insights, excellence and experience makes specific b
Started in shipping 2011
Experience Dedicated Executive Search Shipping and Transportation, Human relations management consultan, Human Relations Consultancy, bridging operational excellence engineering sales business development and support, recognition of expertise, continuous improvement
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