Profile Yvonne Hoogerwerf

Company Wagenborg Shipping B.V.
Title Corporate Insurance Manager
Address Marktstraat 10 9934 CK Delfzijl
The Netherlands
Office phone +31 (0)596 636 952
Functional categories Insurance,
Ship owner
Shipping categories Bulk / Multi Purpose
Job description Taking care of all insurances of the whole Royal Wagenborg group and full broker for captain/owners sailing with Wagenborg.
Description of company Royal Wagenborg - the experts in international transport by water and by road. With our own facilities we always provide a solution for every demand for transport - expertly and with dedication. 'Impossible' is not in our vocabulary. The best people and the best equipment are here, waiting for you. There is a solution to every transport need or logistics problem, and we succeed in accomplishing it. In response to our integrated approach, which includes project support, essential equipment, expe
Started in shipping 1988
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