Profile Alexandra Hagerty

Company Maersk Line Limited
Title Second Officer / Dynamic Position Officer
Address One Commercial Place, 20th Floor 23510 Norfolk, VA
Functional categories Seafarers
Shipping categories All
Job description Navigator aboard an oceanographic survey vessel under Maersk Line Limited and CEO of Beauty on the Bridge
Description of company Maersk Line Limited has several oceanographic research vessels around the globe and I am on the USNS Henson as a Second Officer/DPO. I am also running Beauty on the Bridge, a non-for-profit scholarship fund for women who want to become future Captains or Engineers.
Started in shipping 2010
Experience Captain, deck officer, logistics, Drilling and offshore experience, Good manager of the navigation bridge and its operation., Dynamic Positioning Officer, Radio Officer, CEO Beauty on the Bridge, Translator, Fluent in French Spanish Danish Italian, Graduate of New York Maritime College, Master of International Transportation Management, Master in Cognitive Semiotics, 1600 Ton Captain, Second Officer Unlimited Tonnage
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