Analia Soleadad Viggiano and Rod Jones are the WISTA PERSONALITIES OF THE YEAR 2016

Analia Soledad Viggiano

Analía Viggiano is a young, dynamic, educated and well raised woman, with a very high professional pride for her career. She also has a very positive attitude and social abilities. She believes, not only in equal possibilities, as her present life is a result of this, but also in diversity, as her education in the WMU has occurred in a multicultural environment; where students not just receive academic information, but they can also be part of a worldwide network as well.

In February 2003, Analía joined the Argentine Coast Guard Authority as a cadet when she was admitted by the Academic Department of the School of Officers. During 2005 she was the flag bearer of the School, being a historic milestone within the force since she became the first woman to have the honor of carrying the national flag, getting such position among his comrades; mostly men. At the end of such year, she graduated; obtaining the highest qualifications in the school.

During the first years of her career, Analía was destined to the base of the Argentine Coast Guard in Ushuaia, where she worked as human resources head and duty officer; clearing vessels and controlling the compliance of international and local regulations. In 2008, she was invited to embark in the training vessel "LIBERTAD" Clipper, as part of the initiation and training journey which is yearly organized by the Argentine Navy, as a recognition to her academic success after graduating with the highest marks.

She was also assigned to the Coast Guard Authority´s Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and sailed on board of the Coastguard patrol ship "MANTILLA". In both work places she contributed to the maritime industry. While rendering services at the VTS, offering the control management of vessels entering to Argentine channels and ports in a safe way and on board the patrol ship "MANTILLA she contributed to protect the resources of the 200 nautical miles of jurisdictional waters, human life at sea and marine environment. In addition to that, other historic step into Analía career was on board that ship. On September 2010, it was the first time that an Argentine Coastguard patrol ship sailed the Pacific Ocean. In that opportunity Analía was part of the crewmembers that sailed to the Chilean Republic to participate in the naval procession due to the celebration of the bicentenary anniversary of this country. 

In 2009, Analía went through the specialization program on navigation and one more time got the highest qualifications of the course. Afterwards, she continuously attended courses pertaining to the improvement of the maritime industry, giving priority to the safety of human life at sea, protection of the marine environment and the facilitation of maritime traffic. Indeed, within her professional curriculum, the following can be highlighted: Port State Control Surveyor, Flag State Implementation, Dangerous Goods and Oil Spill Supervisor, Vessel Traffic Service Supervisor, International Maritime Safety Code Auditor and Auditor Maritime Organizations, among others.

All the knowledge she acquires is put into practice during her daily work, with the aim of granting the safe navigation of the Argentine waters and the protection to the marine environment and life at sea. In addition, and not only emphasizing on the technical aspect of her commitment to the maritime industry, Analía has been also strongly involved in programs orientated to the integration of women in the maritime sector, through meetings, talks and training. Contributing through her personal experience to demonstrate that it is possible not only the incorporation and integration of women in this activity but also their empowerment.

In 2012 Analía was selected by the Argentine Coast Guard to attend the MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARITIME AFFAIRS, MARITIME SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ADMINISTRATION in the World Maritime University; based in MALMÖ, SWEDEN. She got her MASTER degree in 2013 obtaining the following titles: ¨Chancellor Medal¨ for obtaining the highest qualifications, and the ¨Pierre Leonard Award¨ as the best female student.

Since her return to Argentina, Analía joined the crew of the Coastguard Patrol Ship "MADRYN". In 2015 she was upgraded to the title of CAPTAIN, being the first woman to receive this responsibility, opening the doors to other women to develop their professional careers within the Argentine Coastguard Authority, being a role model to follow, example of self-­‐improvement and inspiration for future generations.


Rod Jones

Following in the footsteps of his father, Rod Jones has devoted his entire professional career to the shipping world. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in the Bahamas, Rod spent his summers on the Great Lakes as a deck hand and acquired a passion for shipping as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He then went on to study business at Dartmouth University where he earned the distinction of Edward Tuck Scholar.

Rod’s early shore-side shipping career took him though various roles at Navios Corporation and Dutch shipping conglomerate Van Ommeren Shipping. In 1985, he joined Canada Steamship Lines as Marketing Director and, subsequently became President of CSL International in the early 1990’s and President and CEO of The CSL Group in 2008. During his tenure at CSL, Rod transformed the Great Lakes-focused business into the largest owner and operator of self-unloading ships in the world. Under his leadership, CSL has expanded far beyond Canada and the Americas to Australia, Asia and Europe.

Rod’s passion for the shipping industry extends to The Standard Club, a specialist marine and energy insurer and member of the International Group of Protection and Indemnity clubs, where he was appointed to the Board in 2000. In 2011, he was elected Chair of the Audit Committee where he was instrumental in improving the Club’s governance structure following the financial crisis. In 2014, Rod was elected Chair of The Standard Club.

Well-known and respected throughout the industry, Rod stands out as an inclusive, accessible and modern leader with solid ethics and values around diversity, safety and the environment. His open-mindedness, strong belief in people and drive to ‘do the right thing’ continue to inspire people at every level of the industry, both onboard and at shore, regardless of age, gender, nationality and role.

Rod’s commitment to women and diversity was brought to light during the lead up to the 2013 WISTA International Conference. His unequivocal support for the conference and for WISTA members, as well as his inspiring speech made the event a success.