Mrs. Joyce A. Bawah Mogtari, Deputy Minister for Transport In Ghana

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1. In a male-dominated industry, WISTA has been able to celebrate a successful 40 years.

Congratulations to WISTA!!! 40 years is a landmark and of course worth celebrating!

What does WISTA mean to the women in the Industry?

To women in the shipping industry, WISTA   is now a voice and a platform, for disseminating industry related trends and information. WISTA serves as a platform for the cross fertilization of ideas because it is an international women’s association and draws its members from both public and private entities within the shipping industry from all parts of the world. For most women in the industry WISTA presents an opportunity to net work, to mentor and to build a positive image for women in the shipping industry and to attract a younger generation into the shipping industry. 

2. What is the best way to attract young people to the maritime industry?

Young people need better remuneration, opportunities for promotion and for development of their careers. Young people are always seeking new opportunities and new challenges it is therefore our responsibility as members of WISTA to continue to advocate for deeper participation in the shipping industry by show casing the opportunities which exist in shipping.

We must portray the achievements of individuals who have attained success in the shipping industry, in academia and business of shipping and to celebrate their successes. We must project ‘Shipping Magnates’ the world over. One of the reasons why young people do not find the industry attractive is the risk associated with some aspects of the industry such as seafaring etc, but several measures have been introduced by world bodies such as the IMO to mitigate the risk, the journeys are also much shorter and vessels better equipped to ensure safety of life at sea.  

3. Can  the same practices be used to attract women to the industry?

Certainly, women aspire to hold more influential positions and want to be well remunerated as their male counterparts. WISTA must serve as an example, lead by example, create opportunities within our own businesses and work places for women, create a conductive and family oriented environment to encourage women to tay on the job whilst raising their children.
It therefore behoves on us WISTA to ensure equal opportunities are given to both male and female entrants to the industry. I am confident that women will ben found to be competent and just as good if not better than their male counterparts.

I entreat you as WISTA to continue to expos young people to the prospects within the shipping industry.