WISTA International Statement on the issue of harassment and discrimination in the workplace

WISTA International condemns any type of harassment in the workplace. As a multi-national organization of nearly 3,000 members, WISTA International is one of the broadest and most diverse networks of professionals in shipping. Our members participate in initiatives and programs that promote inclusion, gender equality, gender diversity, and workplace cultural change in their own countries and internationally.

WISTA International is proud to work with organizations such as ISWAN, International Chamber of Shipping, International Transport Workers Federation, and the European Union, among others, to help create guidelines, programs, and initiatives to increase awareness and reduce the instances of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  We encourage the shipping companies to have procedures in place for employees to report harassment without fear of reprisal.

We also encourage the shipping industry to take action to advance the ideals of professionalism, inclusion, and equality in their workplace for all employees, making this a focus of 2018 shipping conference and workshops. We welcome this dialogue and look forward to further cooperation with industry organizations to help ensure a safe and healthy work environment free from harassment.

WISTA Executive Committee is invigorated by the response and input we have received from members around the world. We recognize and appreciate our role as a leader in promoting gender diversity in the maritime industry. WISTA is committed to continuing our work to improve opportunities and equality for women in our industry.



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