WISTA International Scholarship

WISTA International has the intention to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers within the next month

The common goal is to increase the competence and further the education of women in all segments of the maritime industry, by offering a scholarship to 5 individual WISTA members per year for the next several years.
The scholarship will cover the Foundation Diploma course, whih comprises of two subjects. The first subject is an Introduction to Shipping and the second specialism subject will be of the student's choice.

Another objective of this Scholarship Program is to assist our WISTA members to further develop their maritime knowledge. Achieving the Foundation Diploma (1 year course) may help our members with obtaining promotions within their present emplpyment whereby they may oput to use the knowledge they have gained from the Foundation Diploma. 

WISTA HR committee has been appointed with, amongst others, the following tasks: 
1) Create a document with scholarship criteria and an application form
2) Screen the nominated members by the NWA and propose 5 candidates to the ExCo per year
3) Follow-up on monitoring of the scholarship recipients

  • Astrid Drent, WISTA the Netherlands, 
  • Janine Heinicke, WISTA Germany, 
  • Helen Joannou, WISTA Cyprus,
  • Cecilia Österman, WISTA Sweden and 
  • Diane Edwards, WISTA New Zealand








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