The World Ocean Council is proud to announce the final program of the SOS 2016 – a rich, robust agenda filled with ocean industry leaders and international experts covering the key ocean sustainable development topics affecting the future of responsible ocean business.

With the theme of “Ocean 2030: Sustainable Development Goals and the Ocean Business Community”, the SOS will deliver an extraordinary mix of ocean information, analysis, insight and dialogue next week, including:

Ocean Executive Forum: A plenary dialogue among the CEOs of 11 ocean industry sectors – a convening of industry leaders unlike anything you will find in any other business conference or ocean event.

Ocean 2030: Authoritative presentations on the 15-year projections for 14 ocean business sectors – many delivered by the heads of global industry associations.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A review of the SDGs and what they mean for ocean industries, along with proposed ocean industry SDG targets and indicators – and an entire SOS program in which each session is linked to the SDGs.

Ocean Investment Platform: The launch of a new, comprehensive framework to bring investors, ocean industries and innovators together around the financing needs and opportunities of ocean sustainable development.

The Digital Ocean: High level forecasting and analysis of the benefits of ubiquitous ocean data and how this can best contribute to sustainable development and maritime security.

A Brand New Tool for Ship Efficiency (in partnership with Carbon War Room): The launch of a unique, transparent and free tool to help those using the shipping industry as part of their supply chain to understand and improve efficiency.

Young Ocean Professional network: a workshop to launch a global effort to bring together tomorrow’s ocean industry leaders from around the world and across the sectors – around the challenges of Corporate Ocean Responsibility.

A diversity of sessions tackling critical ocean sustainable development issues:
• Maritime Clusters and Ocean Sustainable Development
• UN Law of the Sea: New Legally Binding Developments and Implications for Industry
• Shipping, Sustainable Development and Synergies Among Green Shipping Initiatives
• Global Ocean Ecosystem Status and Changes and Ocean Industries
• Marine Spatial Planning/Ocean Zoning and Ocean Industries
• Polar Region: Business and Science Collaboration
• Smart Ocean-Smart Industries: Industry Data Collection to Improve Ocean Knowledge
• Reducing CO2 Emissions: Affordable, Scalable Solutions for Maritime Industries
• Renewable Energy: Addressing Opportunities and Barriers to Growth
• Marine Biodiversity: Challenges and Opportunities for Ocean Industries
• Large Marine Ecosystems and Ocean Business in Regional Ocean Governance
• Marine Environmental Impacts from Vessels: Avoiding and Reducing Ocean Inputs
• Engaging Industry in High Seas Governance and Sustainable Development
• Plastics/Marine Debris: Port Reception Facilities to Reduce Industry Input to the Sea
• Food Security: Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture in a Multiple Use Ocean

The final full SOS 2016 Program is online here.<http://sable.madmimi.com/c/37127?id=1353430.1028.1.84593e018ae345944a67c4bbc5a40e40>