Conference Istanbul 2015

Groningen Seaports visit June 25 2015

On June 25 WISTA The Netherlands had the pleasure of being invited to a special excursion in- and around the Dutch Eemshaven. This generous invitation has been made possible by Mr Harm Post, director of Groningen Seaports. The Eemshaven is known as the largest sea port of the North Netherlands. It is situated on the shores of the Wadden Sea and is World Heritage and is considered as one of the most important tidal areas in the world. The Eemshaven is also known as the Green Data Energy Port of the Netherlands and is one of the most promising sectors for the Eemshaven. One of the strong points of Groningen Seaports is its excellent accessibility, by sea, road, rail and inland shipping. We can look back on a very successful afternoon full of inspiring stories, interesting presentation and a Roughneck RIB boat trip through the port and Wadden Sea.

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