SOS 2018 will take place in Hong Kong in November

14.11.2018 - 16.11.2018

Mark your calendar for the only annual, international, multi-sectoral, business event dedicated to Ocean Sustainable Development.

Since 2010, the SOS has been uniquely designed to bring together leadership companies from the diverse Ocean Business Community, and other ocean stakeholders, to focus on the global challenges and opportunities of "Corporate Ocean Responsibility".

The SOS brings together representatives from shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, seabed mining, tourism, renewable energy, ports, dredging, submarine cables, marine science, engineering and technology, the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities, and other sectors - as well as ocean stakeholders from the government, inter-governmental, academic and environment communities.

The SOS 2017 has been a large success: over 230 decision makers from all the ocean sectors and from 28 different nationalities came together around the conference theme of “The Ocean Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 14): Business Leadership and Business Opportunities”.

High-level participants of the SOS 2017 have expressed their appreciation of the content and the format of the summit:

"The summit is indispensable, it is an opportunity of collaboration for industries." 
Donna Lanzetta, CEO, Manna Fish Farms

"There is a very large number of experts in a lot of fields. It provides a very good source of knowledge from experts which is not usually easily available." 
Anuj Chopra, Vice-President - Americas, RightShip

"It's absolutely great. It brings all the sector together to discuss issues that come of interest." 
Kathy Metcalf, President and CEO, Chamber of Shipping of America

"The SOS is a unique opportunity to share, get to know various points of view of global stakes. The session format and density are very well done" 
Frédéric Perié, Head of Water Management Project, TOTAL

The SOS 2017 gathered high-level speakers around a robust, rich program of topics and challenges.