WISTA members are known for their professionalism, strength of character and ability to facilitate business and relationships.

WISTA members pride themselves on conducting global business with unparalleled competency and skill.

As a network, we benefit from being supportive, engaging and ambitious.



WISTA members are known to be dynamic and proactive. That energy, on a global scale, creates a network that breaks the current paradigm, attracting professionals who are constantly reaching to achieve success.

We believe this enhances productivity and raises the profile of the entire industry. WISTA’s dynamic and diverse global network gives members the confidence of knowing they can find the right person in the right country for a consultation or to support corporate business abroad.














WISTA International strives to strengthen the relationships between individual members, companies, and countries, as well as within our international organisation.

Members are not simply involved, they are committed. Passion for doing business as professional women extends beyond WISTA meetings and events.

WISTA members are dedicated to supporting one another’s professional ambitions, desires and achievements both inside their companies and out.

WISTA members pride themselves on making a positive impact on one another and on using opportunities within the WISTA network to make a difference.



Technological advancements in the shipping and trading field have opened opportunities for new lines of business and collaborations once thought impossible.

Embracing a positive attitude toward change and innovation, WISTA members lead the industry in being open-minded to the benefits of a collaborative global workforce.