WISTA International Personality of the Year is elected for a period of one year and all National WISTA Associations are welcome to nominate candidates.

WISTA should consider going beyond the traditional criteria – Professional, Dynamic, Open-Minded, and Committed – in identifying the Personality of the Year.  Success today requires an impressive array of knowledge and skills, in addition to the traditional criteria, and the person chosen as the Personality of the Year by WISTA should be someone who has made significant achievements, particularly during the course of the preceding year, and can be considered a Role Model.

Following are some of the attributes we are looking for.

Have a Good Knowledge of the Shipping and Trading Industry:

Be familiar with the challenges and opportunities of, and project a sense of belonging to, the shipping and trading industry.

Be Open-Minded:

Be willing to consider new and different ideas or opinions. The shipping and trading industry is an ever changing sector that embraces innovation and a key to success is to be receptive to new ideas.

Believe in Equal Opportunities:

Encourage recognition and understanding of principles of equal opportunity and contribute to create an equitable environment for work in the shipping and trading industry.  Promote tolerance.

Believe in Diversity and Ethical Conduct:

Leveraging diversity in any organization enables members to utilize their full portfolio of skills and talents as diversity is a source of innovation and a pathway to success. Demonstrate a commitment to ethical conduct and corporate social responsibility.

Be Dynamic:

Demonstrate the ability to motivate and inspire aspiring talents in the shipping and trading industry.

Contribute to Improving the Image of the Shipping and Trading Industry and Nurture Young Talents:

To help improve the image of the shipping and trading industry and move towards modernizing it by contributing to identifying, grooming and recruiting the next generation of shipping leaders and building a vibrant and creative business community. Where possible, encourage or promote training and growth opportunities for young talents to pursue a path in the shipping and trading industry.

Show Significant Achievement:

Success that has been achieved, especially by hard work, passion, commitment and devotion and has added value to the shipping and trading industry.

Identify with the Objectives of WISTA:

Identify with and promote the Objectives of WISTA as follows:

  • Give support to and facilitate the exchange of contacts and experiences among WISTA members;
  • Promote the continuing education and networking opportunities of WISTA members; and
  • Serve as a center for the exchange of information among WISTA members.


The candidates for the WISTA Personality of the Year should be chosen from amongst those with a positive public profile. NWAs should look outside WISTA membership to broaden the scope and reach of WISTA. An individual who was previously chosen as Personality of the Year cannot be nominated again.