Mrs. Anna Wypych-Namiotko, Minister Counsellor, Permanent Representative to IMO, Embassy of the Republic of Poland 

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1. In a male-dominated industry, WISTA has been able to celebrate a successful 40 years. What does WISTA mean to the women in the industry?

Strengthening and support, exchange of information, satisfaction and pride. It means, professional shipping women group all over the World. Women who play the important role in the industry, women more and more educated, women more skillful, women who  do businesses, who exchange the information, who build professional contact, who  promote the members and on top of that who  are enthusiastic and  open minded. 

2. What is the best way to attract young people to the maritime industry?

Education and adventure. Both require courage of character, curiosity and the ability to think analytically and coordinate multiple tasks. The great satisfaction with the difficult task well done is like a drug. Maritime industry is a very large area with various professions but frankly  speaking both education and adventure is absolutely necessary in every respect . Maritime schools, all kinds of sports like sailing, competitions and constant promotion the maritime professions and the jobs at sea and around the sea give the opportunity to attract. 

3.  Can the same practices be used to attract women to the industry?

I think YES, specially young women.  I am convinced that women like a challenge and in shipping industry are plenty opportunities for them.