Operating in 40+ countries around the world, WISTA International is an organisation that connects shipping and trading professionals. With one of the broadest networks in the world, membership in WISTA covers nearly every occupation and sector within the industry.

WISTA is a networking organization, in order to:   We have uploaded an annual event list, this list consist of:
  • Facilitate the exchange of contacts, information and experiences among its members
  • Promote and facilitate the education of its members
  • Provide liaison with other related institutions and maritime organizations worldwide
  • The activities of National WISTA Associations
  • The WISTA International AGM & Conference
  • International important shipping events like for instance: CMA, Europort, Mareforum, NORShip, Posedonia, SMM and many more.

Please feel free to reach out to your colleagues worldwide while travelling and join us at the local activities of our National WISTA Associations, you will find contact persons for each country listed.